Feature Friday : Uwani Aliyu

Uwani Aliyu is a 200 level student of the Covenant University, She is a young makeup artist, and a blogger too. And oh yea she is a natural haired girl 😀

Hi Uwani how you doing?
Heyy. I’m good , thank you.

I’ve been trying to place your name ‘Uwani’ to a particular tribe but can’t, so can you please tell us where you’re from and the meaning of your name?
Oh yeah a lot of people have a problem with the pronunciation also , I’m from kaduna state , so I’m hausa by tribe and my name means ‘mother’

I know you got into this makeup thing at a very early age, when most nigerian kids weren’t even allowed to touch makeup not to talk of wearing it. What exactly drove you into it?
Well , I’ve always loved art generally , right from when I was a little kid , I used to draw and paint so it was only natural to like to do that on faces also and it became a passion .

How have you been able to be a good student and makeup artist at the same time? Any challenges?
Makeup has never affected my studies or education because I plan my time right and I see getting good grades as very important especially for future purposes.

Which makeup brand is your ‘go-to’ brand?
This is a hard one because I use a lot of brands but I’ll say my go to is nyx because they are good all round and very affordable

What is that one makeup item you’d always be caught wearing and why that one?
Winged eyeliner. It has to be. I can’t do without my winged eyeliner .. It defines my eyes and gives me this mean look lol and maybe my eyebrows too.

If someone randomly asks you for a makeup tip, what’s the best advice you’d give the person?
I’d say do what suits you and your skin tone , don’t follow the crowd

What’s that one thing about you people would be surprised to know?
Hmmmm .. Maybe the fact that I can paint and rap too lol

Which team are you on, #TeamCleanShavedMen or #TeamBeardMen?
Haha definitely #teamBeardedMen 😉 if you’re beard gang holla at me

Anything else you like us to know?
Well a lot of people say I look very mean but I’ll like to clarify that I’m niceeee hehe

Thank you very much Uwani, it was nice having you 🙂
Thank you for having me. I’d like to add that you have a great blog and you should keep up the good work.

For more information about Uwani you can visit her blog
Some of my favourite pictures of Uwani

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♥With love… Ifeoma♥


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