The Re-Launch

  Yaaaaaaaaaaay I’m BACK!!!!!! (Peep the new name)

How I’ve missed blogging (insert tears of joy here) I couldn’t remember my login details for a long time and I wasn’t even bothered because I lost my blogging mojo. 

I gave myself so many excuses to stop blogging, excuses like you can’t do this without a camera, you need to focus on school work etc

But you know the heart wants what the heart wants right? I’ve finally decided to get back to pursuing my passion (even if I don’t still have a camera... Y’all don’t mind me taking pictures with my phone yeah?) hopefully this time I’m better at it and don’t chicken out when I have challenges.


A huge thank you to all of you that still visit and follow my blog even after I didn’t post for a year, and to those of you just reading for the first time, I promise to make every read from now onwards worth the while.


4 thoughts on “The Re-Launch

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