The year 2015 has been an amazing year for me and this made me very excited about thanksgiving service in my church which went down last Sunday.

My excitement made me desire to wear something new to church that Sunday and it’s sort of a norm (i’ve observed) to wear traditional outfits at thanksgivings, so one lovely afternoon I embarked on a journey to Yaba market to hunt for fabrics because they are kinda affordable there and its close to my home.

I actually wanted something yellow because that’s my favourite colour but when I saw this particular silk fabric, it screamed Christmas so loudly to me because it’s white with a touch of black and red and the pattern is beautiful.
I kept the accessories simple with just this beautiful earring that was gifted to me and my everyday nail bracelet.

Sorry for the poor picture quality, pictures were taken with my phone. It’s 2days till when Santa delivers Christmas gifts, I’m really hoping he drops a camera under my pillow or a photographer willing to help out with taking my photos.

Side note: I advice you get a little notebook to write everything you’re thankful for that happens to you during the course of the year 2016, so at the end of the year you can be specific while counting your blessings at the end of the year. 

If you can think, you can thank

And if you can thank your tank will always be full… Pastor Yemi Davids


What do you like to wear to thanksgiving events? I’d really love to know, please leave a comment thanks.


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