EVENT REPORT : Fashpa Day Out 2015

So it was the 2nd edition of the Fashpa Day Out yesterday and I’m very glad I was in attendance. The event was held at the beautiful Twenty-5 Banana Island road, Ikoyi, Lagos. I was held spell bound by the beautiful scenery of the venue, such a gorgeous place I’m already picturing having my next birthday or wedding reception there lol.

There were a lot of beautiful people at the venue (a little bird told me the sensational Nigerian female artiste Dija also stopped by to do some shopping), It was really impressing to see that amount of people turn out and they weren’t just there to grace the event, they were shopping too. I couldn’t get a lot of pictures of people because some people didn’t want their picture taken with my phone (it was a little painful lol) but some amazing people agreed to pose for me, check them out…

In the shopping hall there were racks upon racks , there was something for everybody ranging from male clothings to female and even the kids weren’t left out…

There was also free cocktail for everyone(I ordered for an alcohol free one and it still tasted really nice), a grilling stand with chicken, turkey, fish and so on for sale to quench your stomach appetite as you are quenching your shopping appetite hehehehehe.


And it was a shop shop shop till you drop kind of day beacause everything on display was beautiful and selling at amazing prices.

At the end of the day everyone went home with smiles and a fashpa bag of amazing unique pieces thanks to the great deals that were offered by Fashpa.

A huge thumbs up to the CEO of Fashpa.com Honey Ogundeyi for putting together such an amazing event, if you weren’t there you sure missed out!

You should totally check out http://www.fashpa.com for amazing ready to wear pieces and guess what? Blackout sales  is still ongoing on the site so hurry now and shop Fashpa!!!!!!


Your comments are very welcome, i’m really looking forward to hearing what you think…


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