Yaaaaaay we made it!!!!!!!!

Happy new year lovelies!!!!!!!!!!! (i know i’m four days late already)  I’m very grateful to God that we all made it into this wonderful year and cant wait to see how the year goes.

In 2015 I learnt that for certain things to happen the way you want them to you have to take charge of the way you live your life to an extent, make conscious decisions on what to do and not to do etc and not just go wherever the wind blows you to. 

I also realized that when I write things down, I tend to get them done. So I decided to share my 2016 resolutions here hoping this will help me achieve them all.

So here we go …

 Seek God First : This is the first on my list because the gospel said that if you seek God first every other thing will be added unto me.

Procrastinate Less : I can’t say stop totally because that would be me deceiving myself.

Be More Time Conscious : I mentioned here how I’m always late here, I’m a do things at my own pace person and that is one of my weaknesses I must say and I really hope to be more on time this year and years to come. 

Study MORE!!!! : I really don’t know how I pass exams (Thank you God for always having my back) because I hardly read anything written on hardware.  

Impulse BUYING : I buy! buy!! and buy!!! some more. I really need to stop buying on impulse because I realized I own a lot of stuff I don’t use, clothes I don’t wear and might never wear. Most of them I bought because I thought they were nice at that moment  and this think is not a really good way to buy stuff because you might go home and not find them pretty anymore.  

SAVE!!!! : Let’s assume I get 300,000 naira monthly, I’m the type to spend 20,000 on food (I’m not big on food), save 10,000 and spend all the rest buying clothes I end up not wearing. I’m really hoping I’m able to save atleast one-quarter of my pocket money. 

Do More Outfit Posts : Any photographer or anybody who is willing to take pictures of me I’m totally down (contact me or leave a comment and I’d get in contact with you) Hopefully I save enough to buy me a camera before the year runs out.


 As the coconut oil flows I hope it reaches yours too and that you have an amazing 2016
Do we share any resolutions? I’d like to know some of your resolutions too Incase I need to increase my list, just leave it in a comment below.


6 thoughts on “MY 2016 reSOLUTIONS

  1. I just did my resolution post too. Impulse buying isn’t bad.
    It just depends on how you do so. I plan on covering this in my Frugal Fashion Series. I hope you’ll like it. BTW, I have been reading your blog even though I am commenting for the first time.
    I really like your header/logo. Did you do it yourself?



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