20 Facts About Me

Hey guys,
Hope you had an amazing stress free week? Well if you didn’t, it’s time to unwind and relax because it’s FRIYAY!!!!!!

With the new year fever still in the air, I decided to tell you all a little more about myself… So here are 20 facts about me that you probably didn’t know.

1. I’m a Cancer (high-five if you’re one too because we’re AWESOME people. ps: if you disagree you can argue in the comment section hehehehe).

2. My all time favourite musician is Justin Timberlake. I get so pissed when people don’t even recognize him as a musician, I just love how his songs give me chills without being vulgar (my fav songs are : strawberry bubblegum, dress on, amnesia, blindness just to make the list short).


3. No movie has ever made me cry EVER!! The only ones that have tried to get me emotional are ‘The Notebook’ and ‘My Name Is Khan’.


4. I don’t know how to pronounce the number three. I’ve tried to learn over a thousand times and I still end up saying ‘tree’, so i always avoid saying it.

5. I have only one sibling I’m a couple of years older than, but people always think I’m the younger one because she is six inches taller than I am (yes you can cry with me if you want) 

6. I speak and understand both Igbo and Yoruba, so be careful what you say around me because I can hear youuuuuuuuuuu lol.

7. I collect glasses. I own over 20 pairs of glasses and I’m definitely still going to buy more,.

8. I’m a very big fan of sweets, reason why I’d never have 32 teeth and I don’t mind… More sweets please!!!

9. I check my Instagram explore page till I fall asleep. It’s like my bedtime story hehehe… ( click here follow me on instagram).

10. I have a big imagination, I’d leave you to imagine how big my imagination is.

11. I’d love to own a fashion retail store someday, where I can sell some of my amazing thrift finds to fashionistas on a budget like me.

12. My mood mostly depends on whether my phone battery is fully charged or not (Struggles of a Lagos babe thank God for power banks I’m happy most of the time).

13. My favourite animal is the Rabbit. Bunnies are so cute, fluffy and adorable, I think they are the prettiest animals on earth and don’t you ever say otherwise! (Once again you can argue in the comment box below).


14. My favourite colour is Yellow but lately I’ve been falling head

over heels inlove with Pastel Pink.


🎶🎶I’m sorry yellow… ta da da

I never meant to leave you… ta da da

I never meant to stop liking you

Buh right now, pastel pink has my ha-heart🎶🎶

15. I love to make people laugh. It just makes me so so happy.

16. I’d love to do a lot of charity and public welfare work when I grow up and have enough funds.

17. I love going to the market. Sometimes I take trips to the market without any money, just feeding my eyes with the beautiful things on sale makes me happy.

18. Honesty is my number one rule. Like seriously what you lying for? The truth is still gonna come out someday you know.

19. I’m terrified of very muscular guys (I always feel like they’re going to pick me up and fling me into space).


20. Last but not least, I love to eat Sharwarma. All that juice and meat… Yummyyyyyyyyyyyy

So this is my 20 facts about me tag. I hope you enjoyed it.


If you’re reading this, I’m honored to tell you that you’re tagged. Feel free to tell me the facts we have in common. I’d love to get to know you even better too.


13 thoughts on “20 Facts About Me

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  2. I love the idea of the thrift store! I’ve been thinking about it for a while and have decided to start one next year. Anyway, you sound like a great person and I wish you all the best especially when it comes to making people laugh and other endeavours


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