WWF X IconiumHair

I’m just beginning to invest in good luxurious hair and my joy knew no bounds when I got this short curly hair from the Iconium Hair company.


I know there are a lot of hair companies out there but three of every girls major problems are finding one that sells good hair that doesn’t shed, sells durable hair and affordability. I’m hoping this review helps you combat those problems.

Iconium Hair VS Shedding :


Brethren, this hair don’t shed *in my black American preacher voice*. It doesn’t tangle too so combing or brushing is hassle free.

Iconium Hair VS Durability :


This is the second time I’m using this particular weave, I washed and air dried it, didn’t use any curling rods or any kind of rollers to retain the curls and as you can see, the curls are still popping (I haven’t applied any hair products on it… I mean creams, oils, sprays etc non of it)

Iconium Hair VS Affordability :

At Iconium Hair you get your money’s worth, nothing overly pricey. Also you have to remember that ‘food wey sweet na money kill am’.
So now I hope you have made the decision to shop at Iconium hair henceforth?

To purchase your hair from Iconium Hair, you can contact them at :



Twitter – @iconiumhair

Instagram – @iconiumhair

International shipping is also available.

I also made a lace closure that i used for easy installing of the weave, it took me less than fifteen minutes to do.


This was my first attempt at it, if you would like me to do a pictorial on how i made it just say so in the comment section. Once again i apologize for the poor picture quality i’m already saving towards getting a camera.


Your comments are always welcome, looking forward to hearing from you.


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