Denim Must Haves For 2016

For many students like myself, the best part about going back to school is the back to school shopping we always get to do. In today’s post I’d be sharing with you the three denim styles I think you should absolutely shop (if you don’t already own them) to look stylish this new semester.

The Frayed Hem Jeans


This particular style is edgy and chic in a very subtle way, only stylish eyes would be able to notice this at first glance so you don’t have to worry about judging eyes unlike in the case of wearing the ripped jeans to class.

frayed hem
back to school denim  
You really don’t have to stress yourself hunting for this style of jeans, you can just get a denim of your choice, cut away the finishing hem and voila! You’ve got your own frayed hem jeans.

The Flare Jeans

 ‘Welcome to the 90’s’  screamed the flare jeans. Popularly known as ‘bootcut‘ or ‘wide leg‘, this denim style is one that was very welcomed into the fashion scene when it made its comeback as every one is digging retro fashion of late.

This style is the sophisticated one, asides school it can also be one to almost anywhere when styled properly. It is great when you want to transition from classes to date night, with a nice chiffon or any sheer material shirt and a pair of heels you are sure to look fab on that date.

The Baggy Jeans


You know those days when you don’t have any care in the world to give but you still have to wear clothes? this is the jeans for you. You can look totally carefree but in a cool chic way in these jeans.

  ozinna anumudu, ifysmusings, wideleg jeans, dumsy

When shopping this jeans I advice you shop in the men’s section, you’d be surprised at the amazing fits you’d find there.

These jeans styles can be found easily and very affordable in thrift shops (or bend down boutiques as they are popularly known as in Nigeria) so you don’t need to break the bank to buy them and you’d still have more money left to get other stuff.

Photo credit  : Instagram, google images 

I hope this post was helpful? Which style would you rock? I’d love to know kindly leave a comment.



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