Tips On How To Look Expensive 

I’m a huge believer of the look good for less religion and you really can’t blame me because I’m a student on a budget and spending so much on a piece of clothing won’t allow me buy as many items as I’d really love to buy.

Whenever I step out, I always get a lot of compliments on either something I’m wearing or my entire outfit and I always leave people in awe when I tell them how much I spent on the outfit. So today I’d be sharing five tips on how I manage to look expensive on a tight budget…

1. Replace Plastic Buttons With Gold/Silver Metallic Buttons.

 Everybody can tell a plastic button is very cheap but when you have gold/silver buttons on, people can’t really tell if it’s fake gold or some 24carat gold on your sleeves and I think it’s better to leave them guessing right? Yeah!

2. Make Sure It Fits.


 If I like something I see at a thrift shop size is never a problem. I’d buy it, take it to my tailor (shoutout to you Dongo you the bestest) and have him amend it to my perfect fit. Nothing sells out a cheap piece of clothing as fast as ill fitting does because most high fashion designers take extra measures to make sure their pieces are well tailored. 

3. Cotton And Tweed For The Win.


When you see cheap taffeta you will
know, when you see cheap chiffon you won’t need a soothsayer to tell you but when you see cheap cotton clothing, tweed or velvet most times it’s hard to tell. So when shopping buy more of cotton and tweed.

4. Unlook Faux Leather Shoes And Buy Faux Suede Shoes.

 faux suede shoe, high heels, strappy heels  

lace up shoe, suede shoe One fashion item I splurge on are shoes. But there always comes a time when there isn’t any splurging money and I want to satisfy my shoeddiction (shoe addiction) I always pick faux suede over faux leather because they look better and again it’s hard to differentiate between real suede and faux suede unlike in the case of leather. If I most buy leather I always go for patent leather or animal skin inspired ones.

5. Iron! Iron!! Iron!!!

The most expensive clothes would look not so pleasing to the eyes when rumpled, not to talk of your cheap one. So make sure to always iron your clothes (note to self too because I don’t like ironing) before you leave the house.
With these few tips of mine, I encourage you to go forth and slay this new week. I wish you an amazing week!!

Photo credit : Google images, Pinterest.


Any more tips you would like to share? Please do so by leaving a comment. Your comments are highly anticipated. 


8 thoughts on “Tips On How To Look Expensive 

  1. As in! I can’t believe I just discovered you. Now it’s 2. 30 and I’m still awake. See what you did to me. I just love this blog. You give off great vibes. And I’m so here for your dress for less mantra. In fact I’m here for everything. I’m here to stay!!! And your blog layout is so cool even with the .WordPress. Any tips on that? Mine is still on .wordpress and I can’t seem to get the perfect layout. Sister please advise me biko. Or maybe I’ll shoot you a mail. I totally love you already


  2. See my life, started by looking at one post and here I am! I seriously love you and your blog, I just started mine after several failed attempts. You. are. goals!


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