DIY : Crochet Wig Using Bobby Pins

Crochet braids are really in right now especially with the high rise in the amount of women ditching the relaxed hair trend and embracing their natural mane.

Most of the hair extensions readily available to us are mostly straight or wavy textured hair not kinky like our African hair texture (a big shoutout to the hair companies providing kinky hair extensions, not all heroes have to wear capes)  which is why the crochet hair trend has become widely accepted here in Nigeria.

After watching YouTube videos for about two months, I decided to try making my own crochet wig. Here is what I used…

Braiding Hair: Noble Gold Kinky Bulk in colour one (I dyed my hair so I can use this colour). This braiding hair costs 900 or 1,000 naira  per pack depending on where you purchase it from. I made use of two packs for this wig.noble gold, marley hair, kinky bulk, best hair to use for crochet braids, crochet braids tutorial, crochet wig tutorial

Bobby Pin & Scissors : Instead of the normal crochet needle, I opted for a bobby pin because when I checked the price of a crochet needle on it costs 1,200 nairaand a bobby pin costs just 50naira for a pack. My frugal self had me using the bobby pin and it was really easy to use. The Scissors, ofcourse for cutting. bobby pin, crochet braid with bobby pin, crochet wig tutorial using bobby pins, scissors

Wig Mesh Cap : I apologize for not taking a picture before I tore it out of the pack, I was too excited to get started. It was quite difficult to find this particular type, walked round Yaba market for over 30minutes before I found it at Mama Tega’s Shop located in Yaba for 200 naira.

mesh cap, crochect mesh cap, mesh wig cap

Wig making in progress


After three hours of crocheting, gisting with my mom, watching for love and justice (a telenovela on telemundo) check out the finished product…


how-to-make-a-crochet-wig-using-bobby-pins  crochet wig, diy crochet wig, cheap crochet wig

I totally love how wig Ifeoma (yes I named it after myself) blends perfectly well with my hair as they are almost of the same texture. Can’t wait to try twisting and curling it, I’d definitely be sharing the results with you.

Do have an amazing weekend, cheers!!!!!!!!!!!

 What do you think of wig Ifeoma? Are you going to try this out? Do leave a comment, thanks.

38 thoughts on “DIY : Crochet Wig Using Bobby Pins

  1. This wig is everything. I’ve used noble kinky bulk before but I bought mine for 1,500,now I feel cheated. Also, I never knew Mama tega’s shop sold wig caps oo, I’ve been searching, I thought it was only cosmetics she sells… I also thought wig caps were like 1,500 oo

    Beth fayemi’s blog


  2. So creative,definately trying this out soon but I’d like to know where you got the mannequin and how do I get the net? Thanks


    • I got the mannequin from my mums salon but if you are in lagos you can get it from lagos island and the net too. Although the net can be found everywhere they sell hair nets


  3. This is so beautiful! ❤ . I once used noble kinky bulk for my crotchet braids and it appeared so short so I keep wondering how you got yours to appear this long. Biko how did you install this hair and how much of your own hair did you leave out? I'll definitely try this soon. Thanks


    • Your hair stylist probably cut it short, I started crocheting from the last line of the wig net that’s why mine is long. I just left out a very small amount of my hair as it’s not long yet so it’s easy for me to blend in.


  4. Iphie, berra explain to me, how you managed to use bobby pins to hold all that hair in place..??!! *side eye…*
    Amazing job I must say…and you really are an inspiration…love love ❤!


  5. I don’t know why now that I’m late on the the DIY hair trend. Hair here in school is so expensive 😩. The noble braid costs about 1,500 naira but I would buy and make my wig anyway because I’m tired of spending money on getting weaves plus my natural hair needs to breathe. Thank you Ifeoma for this post. I hope to show you my own result soon


    • Yaaaay I’m a huge fan of it, I’m so sad it’s over I’m finding it hard to find something else to do between 9-10pm. You welcome btw I can’t wait to see yours


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