Jumia Fashion Clearance Sales | Shoe Deals 

I seriously can’t believe the weekend is over, the only thing I’m happy about this Monday is that it’s giving room to another weekend that I already can’t wait for.

As a frugal person sales excites me a lot and I’m sure it’s not just me *side eyes*. I learnt Jumia is currently having a fashion clearance sales and I decided to check out their site and see what’s popping. I’m not really a fan of online shopping as I find going to the market therapeutical but I found some amazing shoe deals for budget shoppers like myself (this year I’m all about building a shoe collection) on the jumia site and decided to share with you guys.

For The Men : 

 hemomaki, gold details, gold detail slides, mens shoes in vogue, men must have shoes Hemomaki OpenToe Slippers N6,000

Purchase here

 spikes, mens dress shoes, palm slippers, men shoes on sale Hemomaki Spike Slippers N6,000 Purchase here

For The Women : 

 fiore, gold, rose gold sandals, rose gold heels, rose gold shoe on sales, must have shoe, shoe deals online Fiore Gold Sandals N4,995     Purchase here

 shoes below 5,000naira, black shoe, black court shoe, court shoes, black, Fiore Pointed Court Shoe N4,995 Purchase here
 block heel sandals, sandals on sale, jumia fashion clearance sale, silver shoes, velcrom Black Blockheel Sandals N3,570 Purchase here
 sneakers, sneaker shoes, adidas all stars, stan smith, casual shoesLaced Low Sneakers N4,495  Purchase here
 faux snake band, pointed toe flat shoe, sergio tioz, shoe for work Pointed Toe Slippers N3,495  Purchase here

 flat shoes, monochrome shoe, monochrome, minimalist, ballerina flats, ballet shoes, ballerina Contrast Front Ballerina N2,270 Purchase here

I also found some other nice stuff I really would love to own (asides from the bracelet, I already own that)

 fringe, grey, grey bag, bag on sale, messenger bag, fringe messenger bag Fringe Messenger Bag N3,850 Purchase here
 handbag, orange, orange handbag, faux croc. skin Orange Faux Croc Handbag N4,750 Purchase here
 bracelet, rose gold, rose gold jewelry, wrap nail bracelet, arm candy Rose Gold Nail Bracelet N1,395 Purchase here 

So there you have it dearies, with pay day around the corner be sure to spend wisely and smart. Do have an amazing new week!!

Note That : The sales are on till 7th of February.

  Do you indulge in online shopping? Which item are you going to buy? I would really love to know your thoughts, do leave a comment thanks.


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