Currently I Am…

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Hi dearies, 

This isn’t exactly a fashion post or anything like that, it’s just a random post I’m using to share with you what I’ve been upto this new year, seeing as the first month is already coming to an end.

So here we go, currently I am…

Wearing : My oversized denim jacket, it’s been so cold lately and I surprisingly can’t find any of my sweaters to keep warm in, so its my denim jacket to the rescue.

Admiring : Le.Minor” (that’s her Instagram handle). She is one of the cutest vlogger everrrrrrrr and her style game is on a hundred!! Another thing I love is the style of photography of her IG photos, you should definitely check her out. You can find her on YouTube with the username : Annie Bercy

Wishing : I didn’t have to go to school!! And before you say it… I can’t drop out either because my mama didn’t train no quiter.

In Awe Of : My blog stats!!!! I set a goal of a thousand five hundred views for this month and yes you guessed right, I’m wayyyyyyyyyyy past it *insert a little Shoki dance move here*. Thanks a lot guys for your support, I totally appreciate it.

Determined To : Wash my face atleast twice daily. I think I’m like the only girl who doesn’t do this already but hey that’s about to change.

Craving : Macaroni with meatballs and shrimps, vegetable salad and  Shawarma as usual. (Ps : I’m not even a foodie)

Excited To : Go thrift shopping tomorrow. Can’t wait to see the gems I’d find.

Feeling : Like an over used machine. Hostel accommodation in my Uni for students in my year isn’t available yet and waking up really early to make my 8am classes and getting home late after my 6pm classes is quite draining.

Anticipating : Lagos fashion and design week. It was my first time last year and I had a good experience. Please can someone tell me why it’s just once a year? because this wait isn’t healthy lol.

Happy about : The weekend that is about to come upon us and its my cousins wedding on Saturday (Sad I won’t be attending).

Appreciating : The little things in life like the really lovely wristwatch my mum got me. It’s nothing too fancy but because she heard my subtle whinings about wanting a wristwatch and she got it for me without me asking her. Mums are indeed the greatest. 

Irritated By : Lagos bus conductors *nuff said*.

Inspired By : A successful blogger and medical doctor that made it out of my Uni in one piece even while blogging. Yes you know her, I’m talking about CassieDaves.

Planning : To treat myself to some creamy cups of coffee from Cafe Neo on Valentine’s Day seeing as my beau is over quite a number of seas lol.

Loving : Rose gold. This is such a beautiful and even more classy form of gold, it has the people that said diamonds are a girls bestfriend rethinking. 

Regretting : Trying to curl wig Ifeoma with flexi rods and very hot water, as that has ruined my beautiful wig *insert tears here*. Now I have to make another one.

Unsure about : What hairstyle to do next, I’m torn between the pixie cut, bob braids, long braids or just rock my beautiful natural hair? Ugh girl issues… Ikr.

Reading : Perks of being a wallflower to pass away time in the bus to and from school and its a good book so far.

Listening to : Lindsay Stirling’s Shatter Me. That’s what was playing when I woke this morning and I just put it on repeat.

    Okay folks, that’s me at the moment. If you would like any of your favourite blogger to do a post like this be sure to share it and tag them in it.

  What are you up to at the moment? I’d really love to know, do leave a comment thanks.


11 thoughts on “Currently I Am…

  1. Aww thank you so much b!

    Meanwhile I LOVE annie! Omg I used to follow her in 2013 when she was still blogging with She moved or something and I wasn’t able to find her. Thank you for reintroducing her to my life. That girl’s style is a 100! Too dope.

    I should do a post like this soon oh


  2. Looool @Washing your face twice. You aren’t the only one lagging behind o. I’m worse. Water only touches my faces during showers. Cassie is a huge inspiration to most student bloggers coz she showed that you can actually do all the stuff you want and still survive. Go Cassie!!!
    I’m sha doing my own post like this before the end of next month and no worries, I’ll give you inspiration credit


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