Tales From The Thrift #January16

Whoop whoop!!! Guess who is finally saving and has reduced her rate of buying on impulse? Yes you’re right!! It’s meeeeeeeeeeee…

This month to the glory of God I saved every week (can i get an halleluyah somebody) and now that it’s the end of the month, I decided to split my savings into two, one half to the bank and the other half for the thrift (I can’t do without shopping). I have decided to keep up with this routine and share with you my favorite thrift finds every month, hopefully I’m able to keep up.

The Splurge :

steve maddens block heel sandals
I planned to buy a pair of shoes every month as I don’t have as many shoes as I’d love to just because I spend almost all my money buying clothes and there is very little left that can’t purchase shoes… but heyyyyy change is here!! The first addition to my shoe rack is this Steve Maddens baby… it’s so cute it had my mum trying it on hoping it is her size. All I can say is ‘I love love love love it’ and I’m glad I bought it.

The Thrift :

silver shoes
This is what i’d like to call my investment shoe, at first sight I didn’t like it one bit but the seller convinced me somehow to try it on and I fell in love. It’s in perfect condition asides that the name of the brand has wiped off (who brand name Don epp? Lol). I love that it’s something I can still wear years from now and it’s the most comfortable shoe ever.

suede lace up top 


 Can you guess how much I got this pretty suede lace up top? You’re all wrong!! I got it for N400 ($2) *insert lil dance move here*. Immediately I saw it, I almost ran to the stall so someone else doesn’t buy it before me. This is definitely my steal of the month.

sweaters, knit wearIt’s being cold of late and  I couldn’t find any of my sweaters so I had to purchase one or two because i get cold really easy. I’m a huge fan of stripes that’s why I picked this two.

cat eye glassesAs you all know, I love love love glasses. I have quite a large number and I’m not going to stop buying (I’m not sorry). Since I got these I’ve been wearing them all day, they bring out the Halle Berry in me, you need to see the way I stride in them lol.

gold jelweryTo add some aesthetic touch to my looks, I decided to purchase this set of rings and I’m really hoping I don’t misplace them because all the other rings I had somehow just get missing. The wristwatch and earrings are actually a gift from my mum (yes I’m lowkey a mummy’s girl) and I love them and decided to show them off too hehehehe

Can you believe I already made a list of what I’m buying next month? ( I think you should try this too if you are trying to save, it helps you buy only the necessary). See you next month, different thrift finds, same blog. It’s you host Ifeoma signing out for this month and wishing you a happy February in advance hehehe.

 What’s that thing you’re happy you bought this month? I’d love to know, do leave a comment thanks.


26 thoughts on “Tales From The Thrift #January16

  1. Ifeoma pls, you need to give me tips. How you take your pictures, the background, filter, lightening and arrangement.
    Also, seems you’re going to help me go thrift shopping cus honestly thats what my money can afford.
    P.s I need serious help


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