The Return Of The Glossy Lips

Hey guys,

How’s your week going? Mine has been awesome!!! I thrifted a button down khaki skirt and a body hugging denim dress, this I can say has made my entire month. Stay tuned till the end of the month when I share my tales from the thrift to find out why I’m particularly hyped about those pieces. 

Okay so back to today’s post…

In recent times, there is hardly any girl that doesn’t own a matte lipstain. The matte lipstain trend came and had us all trashing our lipglosses which is actually sad because right now the glossy lips is becoming very trendy again. I came to this conclusion because almost every makeup artist I follow on Instagram has a recent photo rocking the glossy lips, I’ve also spotted a lot of celebrities here in Nigeria as well as the ones abroad rocking the glossy lips on tv and on the Redcarpet (or whatever Colour of carpet they have at the event).

Here is some inspiration incase you’re considering trying it out :

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Personal Tips :

• You can still use your matte lipstains, just apply a lipgloss over it and you’re good to go. 

• To prevent your lips from looking too glossy, just apply the lipgloss in the middle of your lips and smack smack smack (read that like it Falzthebadguy saying ‘clap clap clap’ if you don’t I’d know *side eye*).

• If you don’t own a lipgloss at the moment and don’t want to buy one, another way to get the glossy lips look is to apply honey over your lipstain.

Personally I’m feeling this trend, I like the sultry and luscious vibes it oozes and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner it’s a subtle way to look sexy and have your date keep staring at your face (in my opinion tho).

Images via : Pinterest, Google images, Instagram.

  What do you think of this trend? Will you be trying this out? I’d love to read your views, kindly leave a comment thanks.


2 thoughts on “The Return Of The Glossy Lips

  1. I noticed this as well. Matte over gloss though. I never really liked glossy lips. I feel like they make my lips look huge esp since they are already naturally lush 😉


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