Must See Looks From The 2016 Grammy Red Carpet

I looked forward to the Grammy’s and to be sincere I was very disappointed. The Grammy’s red carpet used to be HOT, I really don’t know what happened this year maybe it’s the whole issue with Kanye and Taylor (I really don’t like kanye right now, he was wrong to have said what he did about Taylor, oh well I don’t blame him he is a poor man *you can disagree with me in the comment section*). Ariana even made a joke and you won’t believe it, nobody laughed *tears* and am I the only one that noticed how Taylor swift was happier than Ed when he won his award? Lol   ed sheeran and taylor swift at the 2016 granmys 

 Kendrick Lamar’s performance was bomb tho and his award on ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’ made me happy. I also really loved Lady Gagas tribute to David Bowie (how this woman stays relevant and rich is my goal to be honest).  

lady gaga's tribute to david bowie, lady gaga's tribute to david bowie's outfit, david bowie

Lady Gaga performing her tribute to David Bowie

Okay so back to the red carpet looks, despite my disappointment some people managed to pull off a good look. So I’m going to be doing a love and hate section with the photos, so here we go…


 lady gaga at the 2016 grammy, what lady gaga wore, lady gaga, gaga fans  

guiliana rancic at the 2016 grammys, e! reporter, e live from the red carpet, gold dress  beyonce at the 2016 grammy, white dress, formation  
selena gomez at the 2016 grammy, what selena wore    
  bella hadid at the 2016 grammy, the weekend, the hadid sisters, bella hadid  
  chrissy tiegen, john legend, baby bump  
ariana grande at the 2016 grammy, red dress  best dressed at the 2016 grammy 


 janelle monae, janelle monae at the 2016 grammy, monochrome  

ciara at the 2016 grammy, ciara, thigh high slit  adelle at the 2016 grammy, adelle, black dress, sequins  
worst dressed at the 2016 grammy  taylor swift at the 2016 grammy, taylor swift  
   I’m really sad some of my faves were in the hate section but oh well… Can’t wait for the next Grammy hopefully I get to see more fun, loud, gorgeous and pretty dresses. 
  What do you think of these dresses? Who was your best dressed and worst dressed? I’d really love to know, do leave a comment Thanks.


4 thoughts on “Must See Looks From The 2016 Grammy Red Carpet

  1. Well I disagree with the Fact you called Kanye poor…. Btw tho Taylor is like Lupita just overhyped…i didn’t even hear about her album… Did you? Yet she got awarded for it


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