Quick DIY : Spiked Strap Heel (Revamp your old shoe)

I’m sincerely hoping everyone one of you had a great week like I did, I finally got to see ‘deadpool’ and it was awesomeeeeeeeee. My only low this week is how hot Lagos is right now, I wished I could strip so many times this week (if wishes were horses, beggars will ride naked with the way the weather is set up).

My mum came home a few weeks ago with rows upon rows of spike studs (I really hope that’s what they are called lol) and the crafty me has been hyped about so many DIY projects but thanks to school stressing me the living day light out of me, I haven’t had enough time to carry them out. But however in today’s post I’d be sharing how I revamped my old abandoned shoe in less than five minutes with the spikes…

What You’d Need… 

river island, studs, spikes, scissors • A pair of old Strappy heels shoe

•Spike studs (this can be gotten in any textile market near you or diy store)

• Glue (I strongly recommend Uhu glue instead of using a super glue like me I ran out of mine)

• Scissors 

How To… 

how to, how to bring an old shoe back to life, how to revamp your old shoe • Measure the area you want covered with the spikes

• Cut out the required spikes and glue onto the strap of your shoe (I applied the glue on the length of the spikes I cut out instead of putting it directly on my shoe to avoid messiness)

• Voilà your shoe is ready for you to slay in 

So there you have it, I’ve got a brand new shoe that I’m totally gushing over right now. Just Incase you want try this diy, be sure to have the theme song ‘Upgrade You – Beyoncé’ playing in the background lol. I chose this song because my shoe just went from under my bed to top row on my shoe rack.

Do have a lovely weekend and be sure to check out my other diy posts  here and here, cheers!!!

  What do you think of my new shoe? Any other DIY suggestions? Kindly leave a comment below, thanks.


11 thoughts on “Quick DIY : Spiked Strap Heel (Revamp your old shoe)

  1. This is soo creative.. I need to get back to doing DIYs, I find it’s a bit time consunming, however the results are great. This is a good way to make that brand new pair of shoes.

    Thank you for visiting. I responded to your comment on my blog, I just thought I’d ask here too – Just curious, on your end, what isn’t responsive via mobile?



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