Product Review : Karite Brow Gel

In recent times, you really can’t afford not to have your eyebrows on ‘fleek’. At first I was really mad at whoever it was that made us start drawing on our brows the way we do now because I didn’t seem to get a hang of it but fast forward to three solid years I can say I can draw on my eyebrows (I’m not perfect at it yet tho).

how to get fleek eyebrows

I found out on my quest to learning how to draw on my brows that brow gels give a much more better result most times than the brow pencils, so I set out to buying myself a brow gel. I went to makeup shop in the market and asked for a very affordable brow gel and the sales girl gave me the Karite brow gel. I was quite skeptical about it as It’s not a popular brand (I guess) because I’ve never seen it before, but it’s just perfect. I’ve not tried any other brand and I don’t think I want to as this one costs me just N400 ($1) and it gives me the result I want on every use.
cheap brow gel that gives awesome results  drugstore brow gel review
angled brush for eyebrows

I outline with a brow pencil just to save time and then fill it in with my Karite brow gel in ink 2. It’s very long lasting (last over 12hours), even with my very oily skin it doesn’t smear or anything like that, so you might not even bother with the brow setting gel. It’s non-greasy and not entirely matte which leaves my brow looking natural at all times.

Sorry I didn’t take photos earlier when it was fresh out of the box, I’ve had this for over four months now and well a review is for tested products yeah? so pardon my not so pretty looking bottle lol.

Do have a wonderful week ahead and may the gods of fleek eyebrows be with you the entire week.

Disclaimer : I’m neither a makeup artist or a makeup guru.

   What products do you use for your brows? Have you tried Karite before? Do share your brow experiences with me by leaving a comment below, I’d really love to hear from you.

11 thoughts on “Product Review : Karite Brow Gel

  1. Hi guys please help me im in south africa where can i buy Karite eye gel in any retail shops or how can i order for my shop.I love it please


  2. Hello,I came across the pack which contain the eyeliner and eye brow gel but for 2,700 Naira which I thought was too expensive tho,will give it a try


    • Yaaay glad to know I’m not the only one that it works for. I didn’t get the black one, Buh I think that might be hard to apply neatly so I use just the liquid liner and pencil liner. Thanks for leaving a comment.


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