Product Review : Vitale Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion

Before I start preaching the gospel that’s this vitale oil moisturizing hair lotion, can I get an halleluyah for finally getting my first branded hair product asides my shampoo? Halleluyah!! Yeah now I can go on…

My mum owns a salon, one day i went there to take out the cornrows I rock under my wig. After I did, I couldn’t lay my hands on any wide tooth comb as they were all in use so I had to find something to apply on my hair that’d make it soft enough to comb with a not so wide tooth comb that was when I first used the lotion on my hair. 

 how to get softer hair,  oil moisturizer It felt so heavenly at first comb, I just kept combing through and combing through till one of my mums customers said ‘You’ve been combing this hair since I came‘ lol. I don’t really like anything greasy and from the way my hair was shining after applying the vital oil moisturizing lotion I thought ‘oh damn it would definitely be greasy‘ but lo and behold when I ran my fingers through my hair it didn’t feel not even one bit greasy and it had my hair looking like God sprinkled a million stars on my hair.

 natural hair products for kinky hair, how to make your hair shine and soft  I’ve been using this hair lotion for a while now (yes I took it from my mums salon I think my hair deserves it better than their weaves *thats what she said she’d use it for*) and it’s amazing. You should also note that not everything that works for one person would work for your hair but you wouldn’t know which does and which doesn’t except you try various stuff out, so give you should definitely give the vitale oil moisturizing hair lotion a try.
   Have you used this hair product before? If not, what hair product softens your hair? I’d really love to know so drop a comment below thanks.


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