Currently I Am… #2


One of the things I enjoy doing on the weekend is checking my blog stats/traffic. On doing that, I found out the previous Currently I Am post got quite a number of views so I’ve decided to be doing them once towards to end of every month because to be honest I enjoy writing this kind of post.

So here we go, currently I am…

Wearing : Cami tops aka spaghetti strap tops. Omg it has been so hot of late that I unbelievably transformed from a long sleeves lover to a cami top lover. I didnt even own a lot of this but trust I’ve been to the thrift shop to change that story.

Admiring : The woman behind  ‘LagosStreetStyle‘. I totally love the LagosStreetStyle instagram page, I wish I had her kind of artistic eyes because only a good eyes for art will be able to spot the people she decides to photograph.    

lagosstreetstyle, lagos street style 

Wishing : I had a camera or a better phone other than my iPhone 5 to take better pictures for my blog. I really love photography a lot so this explains my urge for better pictures. My phone kinda limits me right now photography wise.

In awe of : How it’s the third month of the year already. Dear 2016, can you tell me where you are flying to? But hey, I’m happy the year is going by really fast, I’m looking forward to a lot of things and this means my wait will be over in a twinkle of an eye.

Determined to : Study more than 3 hours daily as my exams are fast approaching without many of us student even realizing it.

Craving : Goat meat stew and rice. I’m not one to eat rice for breakfast, not to talk of on a Saturday morning but that’s why it’s a craving right? not entirely under your control.

Excited to : Receive my first pay check as a social media manager. Yes I’m currently handling the social media accounts of an online fashion retail store and it’s my pay day soon *insert little yahoozay dance here*

Feeling : Like I’m not doing enough to be where I want to be. I really don’t know why I feel this way because I work hard ‘in Beyoncé’s voice’, maybe it’s because I have a lot of goals I’m yet to achieve sighs.

Anticipating : Getting home today to catch up on my telemundo shows.

Happy about : The wristwatch my mum called to say she got me. Just last month, she got me a gold chain strap wristwatch and now just a month later she said I have a leather strap one waiting for me at home, I can’t wait to see it and ofcourse show you guys!! My mum is the bestest.

Appreciating : The little bed I get to sleep on in the hostel. How I get to do stuff at my own time and in my own pace, make decisions about my day without worrying about impromptu errands is so priceless it makes me nearly not miss my kingsize bed at home. ps : I’m not a lazy girl 

Irritated by : This extremely hot weather. It’s so hard to operate well in this heat, most of the time I just want to lay down scantily dressed and doing absolutely nothing!!!

Inspired by : TY Bello. After going through the pictures she took of Tinie Tempah (my future husband that doesn’t know we are getting married yet), she noticed how the bread seller helped her get a really good photo and didn’t just smile at photo but decided to pay back the bread seller for that involuntarily favour she did her. “In life, it’s not what others do for us that matters but what we do for others in our own little way.

Planning to : Go fur coat hunting. Keep calm dear I’m not planning to wear it, I need it for some amazing DIY ideas I have. I’d be the happiest if I find one, especially if it’s white or rose quartz  (rosequartz is one of pantone’s Colour of the year).

Loving : How the trees look without flowers and leaves. Yes I know flowers are so damn pretty, I can’t explain why I’m loving how the dry trees look, I just love it. 

Regretting : Spending money getting a blonde wig. I’m too shy to be a blondie after all, tried wearing the wig in its blonde glory but my liver kept failing lol. I’m just glad for this hair dye, the wig is no longer considered a waste as I’ve turned it ombré.

Unsure about : If to get out of bed or nah? *covers face*

Reading : Basic organic chemistry textbook. I love this book.

Listening to : Banky W’s Highnote. This song makes me feel in a type of way, just like his strong thing made me feel.

There you have it guys on Ifeoma lately. Do have an awesome weekend *cheers*

   What are your plans for the weekend? What have you been up to lately? I’d love to know, looking forward to reading your replies.


8 thoughts on “Currently I Am… #2

  1. Well hello there!

    Pinterest brought me to this page and I know I’m about a year late but I’m really glad I saw this.

    Thank you so very much for your kind words. Your blog photos are fantastic too and your personable approach makes for a good read.

    Cheers and have a great 2017.


    • Thanks a lot dear. I don’t have a specific place I shop on the go, if I spot anything I like I’d get out of the bus and go get it (if it’s affordable at that moment) but I visit Yaba market a lot because it’s close to my uni


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