Tales From The Thrift #February16

 gold choker It’s the end of the month again and you know what time it’s right? Yeahhhhh it’s time for another of my thrift tales!!! *oya dab* but just before we proceed, it’s a new week so ‘cheers to a freaking new week lets drink to that’. This month I got really amazing things and I’m super excited for you to see them too so shall we?…

Ps : I didn’t buy a new shoe because I already got a brand new shoe lol.

The splurge 

I never feel complete without my mascara except I don’t have any makeup on at all. I ran out of my maybelline mascara and instead got this one from Menow-Pro because I fancied the packaging and it has this eyelash tonic I’m hoping will help grow my lashes. 

mascara, menow-pro mascara, new in    

Remember I mentioned in this post that my mum bought me a wristwatch? Well here it is and I’m so loving it. I’d wear this more for classes and reserve the gold chain one for more classy outings.  

  leather strap wristwatch 

With the way this lagos weather is set up, one has to invest in good body sprays or colognes to avoid body odor from sweating. I love body sprays and mild scents so I got this Avon body spray in vanilla, it’s so mild, refreshing and smells yummy. In one word I’d call it ‘perfection’.  

body spray, avon, avon body mist 

 The thrift
So because I didn’t get a shoe I thought why not get a bag? The backpack is making a lot of appearances on the fashion scenes of late and I got this one for just 200naira. It’s in perfect condition and contains my school books well, this is my thrift steal this month.  

backpack, black bag, black backpack, trendy bags 

Remember that Khaki button down skirt and denim dress I was really excited about? Yes here is the khaki skirt, the denim dress is currently at the laundry but I promise to show you how gorgeous it is soon-ish. My excitement about them is how on trend they both are right and I got them for N200 each talk of a good bargain. 

button down skirt, khaki skirt 

I also got me some jewelries, I really didn’t plan to buy any jewelry but these babies were just too pretty and irresistible I couldn’t help purchasing them. By the way they weren’t any pricey and out of my budget and been a good girl all month I see them as my treat.  

gold jewelry   thrift finds, thrift shopping, thrift fashion  

I’ve been trying to up my flatlay game, and I love how flatlays done on the white fur rug looks. Instead of getting a rug which I think might be pricey, I decided to hunt for a white fur coat and as usual the thrift never fails. Instead of a coat tho, I got this huge muffler and I got this at a very affordable price. Oh! I also got some magazines from a second hand magazine store in Yaba, they stock all magazines from instyle, marieclaire, seventeen to vogue to even our own Genevieve. They are old issues but new to me because I haven’t read them before (my love for magazines just started anyway, blogger habits I guess) and even though old, they still had interesting stuff in them.  

fur, marieclaire, fashion, style, blake lively, thriftfashion 

It’s the last day of the month and as usual I’m signing out for the month. It’s still your girl Ifeoma and I can’t wait to show you what I have in store for next month, so stay tuned.

  Ps : I used the muffler and one of the magazines I got for these flatlays, notice any difference from my previous ones? Kindly let me know in the comment section, thanks.


31 thoughts on “Tales From The Thrift #February16

  1. Wow…..i just found out about your blog today. It’s super interesting ❤❤…. I hope you remember me….. …. Ur blog is nice.


    • Ikr!!! Got it from a road side seller dear. If you’re coming from ojuelegba axis, the shop is just beside the first fuel station you see but if you’re coming from yaba market it would be the second fuel station. The shop is quite obvious as there are usually magazines hanging outside it.


  2. Omg. I am in love with your blog.
    Let’s go shopping together and write about it!

    I have been searching for a faux fur rug for ages. A muffler? Never in my wildest dreams. Yaba, here I come.


  3. Nice post girl… You just gave me ideas. I’ve got a couple of magazines lying in my closet never knew I could use em for flatlays. The bag is also a good steal 👍 👍 👍


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