Get The Look : Glowy Dewy Skin


Almost every girl dreams of having a skin that glows, somehow that’s not a reality for many but thank goodness for makeup the look can be achieved.

In achieving the glowy skin look, you’d tend to have a lot of makeup on ranging from concealers to foundation, bronzers, highlighters and so on. Living in a part of the world where the climate is often always  very hot, I like staying away from wearing a lot of makeup on a daily basis. 

So to achieve a glowy skin look on a daily basis here is what I do…

Step 1 : I’ve got oily skin on my face so I always prime my face before wearing any other makeup product. I’m currently using Zaron face primer, if you’ve got dry skin you can skip this step.

Step 2 : Conceal any discoloration or spots you have. Luckily for me i don’t have any spots foundation doesn’t cover so I skip this step.

Step 3 : You must have noticed I didn’t mention moisturizing your face earlier right? Well this is the part where you do that. 

I take a very little portion of my Olay Age Defying Daily Resurfacing Cream, I use this because it’s not very greasy to prevent my already oily face from looking greasy instead of glowy.  

olay daily resurfacing cream, glowy skin tutorial  

Then I also take a little portion of my Mary Kay Timewise Foundation  (for now this is my holygrail foundation, it’s affordable and so far gives me full coverage).   

marykay timewise, how to get glowy skin, glowy skin makeup

Step 4 : I mix both portions together till they form a paste and apply this mix all over my face like I’d apply my face cream (be sure to use very little portions to avoid haveing a lot of foundation on your face). 

Step 5 : Blend! blend!! blend!!!

And there you have it, your glowy dewy skin…


Just before you go, I want to use this medium to wish you a Happy New Month and Cheers to my first post this month!!!! I hope it was helpful to you.
  How do you achieve your own glowy skin look? Do share your tips with me in the comment section below, Thanks.


6 thoughts on “Get The Look : Glowy Dewy Skin

  1. I’ve never tried using my hands to apply foundation. I’ve heard people talk about how it’s so much better. Does it actually make the foundation blend better when you do? Using a brush seems faster though, because you don’t have to wash your hands after applying the foundation. Definitely going to try mixing foundation and moisturizer though.


  2. I literally do the same thing, but just with my regular lotion. Since the weather is really cold, I use 2 parts foundation 1 part moisturiser


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