New Week New Shoe

Happy new week guys!!

Last week was really awesome for me and I’m hoping it was for you too? A lot of cool stuff happened to me, like how the rain is gradually coming to grace us in Lagos with its presence and I’m really looking forward to not complaining about how hot I am *flips hair*. Another thing that made me happy was my paycheck, I’m finally going to get that wig I’ve been dreaming about (watch this space for the selfies) and now to the most awesome thing that happened to me *drum rolls

I finally got my first pair of mules!!!

Since the comeback of mules I’ve being a major fan, lusting from one pretty mule to another gorgeous one but I somehow couldn’t lay my hands on an affordable cute one (problems of a broke fashionista). Now I’m a proud owner of this white cute baby from Amelia-Couture (wishes do come true).


Peep the I love you bracelet that also came in my package, it’s just the perfect extra bling I need to shine bright like a diamond when I rock my mules. This shoe is very comfortable to walk in, I personally think every girl should own a pair. 

You can get this shoe at the cost of 6,500Naira only from Amelia-Couture which I think is very affordable compared to alot of other ones I’ve seen online. If mules are not your thing there are so many other pretty, quality and affordable shoes on their website They deliver within Nigeria and you can also shop from them on Be sure to shop from Amelia-Couture when next your shoe collection needs an update, do have a blissful week cheers!!!

Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored post.  Are you a fan of mules? Do you currently own any pair or lusting after any pair? Do kindly leave me a reply thanks.


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