The Blogger Coat #1

Am I the only one that has seen people say ‘all you need to be a fashion blogger’ is a coat? I’m sure I’m not and that’s the most annoying statement about bloggers that I’ve heard but somehow they are right about almost every blogger owning one lol.

  Let me introduce you to my duster coat that made its first appearance at the Lagos Bloggers Brunch and it got a lot of compliments. I got this coat from a woman that sells dresses under a bridge, luckily for me that day she was selling two dresses at the price of N500 and one for N300 and trust that I’d pick the buy two at N500 option lol. I picked one dress first then the real hunt was finding a second good one. I picked the coat thinking it was a dress only for me to get home and voilà!!! I got my own duster coat aka blogger coat.

In today’s post which is the first in this series obviously I’m wearing the coat as a dress. The coat doesn’t come with buttons so what I did was wrap the coat like its a wrap dress and used a belt to hold it together. 


If you are going to try this out, be sure to wear a slip dress underneath to avoid any Marilyn Monroe moment like I did. Be sure to be on the look out for the next post on this coat where I’d be styling it differently. Do enjoy the rest of your week Cheers!!
  Do you agree with the bloggers and coats statement? I’d really love to read your thoughts, do leave me a reply below thanks.


20 thoughts on “The Blogger Coat #1

  1. This is the first I’m hearing of a bloggers coat, plus I’m a newbie blogger and I don’t own ‘The Coat’ so I guess it’s just stereotyping and generalizing. Love the color of yours BTW. Fab!


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