DIY : Manolo Blahnik Inspired Shoe

Have you seen the Manolo Blahnik and Rihanna denim heels collaboration? If you haven’t you need to check it out!! I’ve been dying to own a pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes, this type to be precise…  

manolo blahnik 

And the collaboration only just made me hunger for this more than ever. Since my budget won’t let me get one (my birthday is in July, this would make a perfect gift *winks*)  I decided to make one for myself so here is what I did…

*I used an old pair of Steve Madden court shoe.  


*Two broches of the same design (this did not cost much at all, I got both for 500naira) 


*And glue ofcourse. 


*I removed the pins from the back of the broches (ps : do not throw these away as the pins might come in handy some day)  


*With the glue I then attached this to the top center part of my Steve Maddens  


*And voila!!!! My gem Manolo Blahnik inspired heels are ready for the road!!!  

Side note : Be sure to hold the broche down on the shoe for a while as this takes a long time to get stuck on the shoe. You should also leave it to dry for a day before rocking it. If you are in a haste, Uhu glue or candle wax would be a better gluing option.

diy manolo blahnik, steve madden, old shoes  



 I’m totally digging these shoes right now, I seriously can’t wait for Sunday so I can rock it to church and you should totally be on the look out for outfit posts featuring this shoe. Do have a awesome weekend!! 

You can check out my other post on how to revamp your old shoe here.

          What do you think of this diy? Is this something you’d try? I’m looking forward to your feedbacks, do leave me a comment below thanks.


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