My Favourite Lips Combo

Happy new week guys!!!

I hope you had an amazing weekend and you’re ready to slay in this new week? Yes? Yasssss!! To help us slay in this new week, in today’s post I’d be sharing with you my favourite lips combo right now, how I get it done and why it’s my favourite. 
  I love me a good red lips combo, not only because of how hot and bold it makes me look but also how it brightens my smile, so here is how I get mine done…

The Products I Use

Island beauty lipstick in Flame

island beauty, island beauty cosmetics, island beauty lipstick   This product is very affordable and highly pigmented, I absolutely love island beauty lippies!! The only problem is there are a lot of fakes out there, so be on the look out. 

Beyond Beauty Matte Red Lipgloss No7

beyond beauty, matte lipgloss, affordable matte lipgloss, 24hours lasting matte lipgloss This is my holy grail matte lipgloss, it’s affordable as usual and the 24hours long lasting written on it isn’t a joke at all, it even lasts more than 24hours that’s if you don’t wipe it off.

Zaron Lipstick Pen No4 Maxim

  zaron cosmetics, zaron lipstick pencil, zaron I recently just got this lipstick pen and I love it!! It has a very nice texture and feel that lets it glide smoothly on the lips, it’s a perfect base for your lipstick.

How I do the combo…  

Firstly, I mute the colour of my lips with a little foundation, then line my lips with the Zaron lipstick pen. I then proceed to applying the Beyond Beauty matte lipgloss to the center of me lips and I smack, smack, smack till it spreads all over my lips. To finish the look, I then apply my Island beauty lipstick, just so I don’t have my lips looking too matte. This last step calms the hot red colour of the Beyond beauty lipgloss and gives my lips a sultry look that I love.  


 My favourite thing about this combo is that it lasts as long as you want and doesn’t transfer easily (i.e when you hug, drink from cups or bottles etc it doesn’t leave a lot of stains). 
I hope you enjoyed this post, do have an awesome new week and stay tuned to the blog for other posts coming your way this week. 

Disclaimer : I’m not a makeup artist or makeup guru.

  What’s your favourite lips colour right now? Any lipstick tip you’d like to share? Kindly do so by leaving me a comment below, thanks.




14 thoughts on “My Favourite Lips Combo

  1. Nice.. Close to my fav but i use inglot instead of the island lipstick and sometimes i used mac ruby woo instead of the beyond beauty.


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