The Blogger Coat #2


This is the promised second post (last for now too) of the blogger coat series after I styled it as a dress earlier on. Today I’m styling it as a coat that it really is in all its glory and oh how these white lab shoes of mine look so perfect in this assemble is giving me life.





This man is the male Olajumoke lol


I do a lot of lab work, so this my typical lab day kind of outfit. A cami strap dress or tan top over a jacket so I can take off the jacket easily when it’s time to wear my lab coat too avoid being too hot in the lab. 

Unfortunately last week after my lab, my shoe was stolen and now I’m on the hunt for a replacement. Do enjoy the rest of your week.

       What other way will you style this coat? I’d really love to hear your ideas, kindly leave a comment below thanks.


22 thoughts on “The Blogger Coat #2

    • Thanks a lot Tobi💕 to be sincere I didn’t plan any of it, I chose the theme because it’s the only free theme I liked and on Instagram I post pictures I like so I guess I’m consistent because I’m just doing what I like.


    • I passed by the building when we were going to our shooting location and I had to drag my friend back there because I love Cocacola and I couldn’t miss taking pictures infront of a Cocacola building lol. Yes they did!! Thanks btw


  1. I see myself wearing this coat over an all black ensemble (jeans and tee) and strappy heels (undecided on the color of the heels tho), BTW your location just inspired me. It’s been difficult getting good locations around me. Fab Fab as always 👍


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