Tales From The Thrift #March16


Yaaaay  it’s finally that time of the month when I get to share some of the nice treasures I found during my thrift adventures in the past month with you and I’m really excited about it. 

Just like in the February edition I didn’t buy any new shoe but I’m still sticking to my atleast one new shoe every month plan as I was gifted this gorgeous mules and I also turned an old pair of shoe into a Manolo Blahnik lookalike. So I’m good on the shoe level now let’s run through stuff I got…

The Splurge

 real technique brush, makeup brushes, core collection, makeup brush set, real technique core collection,   
I’ve been applying makeup all my life with my fingers (real mvps these chubby short fingers of mine) and I felt it’s time to get brushes so my fingers can retire lol. After checking reviews on blogs and YouTube, I settled for the Real Technique Core Collection brush set. I’m so hyped about them I can’t to have work work work work work work on my face.

I also got some makeup which includes false lashes, I’m really hoping I can use these to learn how to wear falsies myself (I’ve been trying to learn this since forever and I still haven’t gotten a hang of it yet but I’m not giving up).

 alobon makeup, red lipstick, perfect red lips, perfect shade of red lipstick, eyeliner, black eyeliner, false lashes, natural hair lashes 
The Thrift

I kinda had a little H&M haul this month, as I thrifted quite a number of their stuff.

     h&m haul, h&m, thrifted clothes 

These three items are my favorite items though. The white one is a double breasted pocket v-neckline long sleeve shirt, the red one is a high crew neck crop top and the gold one is a really hot v-neckline bodycon dress. Hopefully I get to style them in future posts so you can see how pretty they all are. 

 fringe, suede, brown bag, suede bag, fringe bag  

This bag had me feeling very fringetastic the day I got it. I got this alongside a really pretty ear cuff I’ve been wearing non-stop since I got them for just N500. Particularly happy I got this bag because suede and fringe are so on trend and I’ve been saved the stress of making a diy fringe bag (I still might just make this Incase any of you wants a fringe bag).

 calvin klein jeans, blue denim, mom jeans, baggy jeans, cuffed jeans 

Ain’t no better place to find bomb mom jeans than in thrift shops especially the men’s section. I love how well these two I got fits, the Calvin Klein one is my absolute favorite jeans right now because of how well it shapes my butt (don’t judge me lol)

 jack daniels, jd, branded shirt 

I don’t not drink alcohol not even wines or anything at all, so why I love the Jack Daniels logo I have no idea. I have a face cap with the logo and now a top, who knows what next with the logo I’d find. I personally think it’s the finest brand logo after Coca-Cola ofcourse (coke gang we outchea).

 silette pronto, silette camera series, vintage photography 
Whoop whoop!! I finally have a camera but there are two things involved, the good and the bad.

The Bad : The camera doesn’t work… Oh yes ofcourse you’re allowed to cry with me.

The Good : Seeing it makes me happy and my happiness is what really matters. 

It is a Vintage Camera, it’s a Silette Pronto by Agfa and was manufactured in 60s. It’s a really cute camera and it kinda looks like the Sony a5000 camera I want badly.( Ps : It cost me N600 including a cute purse for it) 

 vintage camera, 60s photography
  I’m currently faking it with this camera till I make it to buying one that actually works, until then my dearest keep visting the blog and supporting the WhoWhatFab movement. 

I wish you a happy new quarter of the year in advance.
  Do you thrift shop? What are your thoughts on thrift shopping? I’d really love to know, do leave a reply below thanks .


30 thoughts on “Tales From The Thrift #March16

  1. I love your jeans , very cool and comfortable. Do we have thrift stores in Nigeria , I know of yaba market but their jeans there is a NO NO for me, too tight and somehow looking (Based on the ones I have seen tho) I don’t mind links to cool thrift stores thanks. Btw I love the camera #Fake it till we make it


  2. I’m really interested in the DIY false lashes.. Cos I’ve had a pair of lashes laying lazy in my make up purse almost a year now, So Pls keep us updated on the steps when you finally get through with it. Thanks.

    Btw your blog is beautiful and it inspired me today. xxxo 🙂


  3. Buying a camera that doesn’t actually work is totally me 😂 The really old ones just look so nice esp the polaroids. I got some falsies a while ago. I struggled to get them on, no way. They are now somewhere in my room gathering dust. BTW, that fringe bag is everything! 👌



  4. Yass honey I do ! But I’ve never found goodies like these : (
    Those mom jeans look bomb ! And the camera is cute. I love your optimism girl
    Looking forward to the next ‘Tales from the Thrift’



  5. Lol this girl come and show us the way ooo. U didn’t talk about the red lipstick in your Splurge category they look nice tho, please please where in yaba do you find all these lovelies s come and show me ooo. 👍


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