Sisterhood Of World Blogger

Hey guys happy new month!! I’m so excited about this month for so many reasons that I’d be sharing with you later during the course of the month.


In today’s post I’d be telling you a little more about myself and blogging as I was tagged by Tobi of to do the sisterhood of word blogger tag. I felt this would make a good first post of the month as we are in a new quarter of the year and for my new readers that perphaps haven’t read my 20 facts about me post or visited my about me page. 

So here we go…

What’s your real name?

My names are Amadi Ifeoma Olatokunbo Oluwakemi Ajoke Sanita. To save you the stress of picking which to call me lets just stick with ‘Ifeoma’ lol.

Little gist about yourself and family? 

I’m the first child of two girls, but because I’m more down to earth (short) compared to my younger sister, people always think I’m the baby of the house and give me special treatment (I’m not complaining). I’m closer to my mum, she my ride or die but when it comes to money matters, I’d be screaming ‘go daddy go daddy go’ lol.

When did you start blogging?

Started blogging in 2013.  I have a lot of blogs right now that I don’t use because when I started in 2013 I didn’t know what I wanted to blog about but I just loved the idea of being able to express myself and have people read my thoughts (I’m Lowkey a very shy person) but I finally found my grounds in December 2015 when WhoWhatFab was born. You can checkout one of my old blogs here.

Blogging challenges encountered ?
I think my major blogging challenge is not owning a camera to take the kind of pictures I’d really love to be on my site as most of the photographers do not usually want to collaborate with ‘not so popular’ bloggers. (If you are a photographer or you know any that’d like to collaborate with me please do not hesitate to leave a comment stating your interest thanks)

How you overcame them?

I basically just stopped waiting to get a camera and decided to make do with my phone camera. So far it’s been doing a good job and I’ve come to realize that if I kept on waiting I just might never start blogging.

Things you do for fun when offline?

Hmmmmm I’m going to make a list 

  1. Sleep
  2. Draft blog posts 
  3. Dance 
  4. Sleep
  5. Do my manicure 
  6. Make something 
  7. Sleep some more  

Yes I know I’m a boring person (cries in indoor person syndrome)

Celebrity or blogger inspiration?

My celebrity inspiration is Rihanna. I love how effortless her style is, she could just wrap herself in her bedsheets and look fab in it.

When it comes to blogging I really admire Sade of Inmysundaybest. I love absolutely everything about her blog, the Colour scheme, the aesthetics, her style everything!!  


Tbh, as long as you’re a blogger especially fashion blogger, you’re an inspiration to me.  

 Career outside of blogging/work? 

 I’m currently still an undergraduate but I do a lot of social media marketing and managing. I love PR work and I’m currently handling social media of an E-commerce store in Lagos.          Ps : If you need anybody who is enthusiastic about the media to be a part of your brand, I’m your go to girl.

Advice to upcoming bloggers and tips

Well I’m still sort of new too so I’d just share the little I’ve learnt so far. 

          • Do you!!! Have mentors, seek inspiration but still do you. This will help you not to have a lot of difficulties coming up with great content for your blog. 
          • Read other blogs and leave genuine comments, this will help your own blog get noticed.
          • Be consistent, even if you’re writing once a month be consistent at it.
          • Write as many post drafts as possible when you’re free, this is how I stay consistent personally.
          • Interact with your readers.
          • Write for yourself, be sure you enjoyed reading that post before hitting the publish button.

            Any Bae in your life?

            Yes ofcourse!!! I have Bread And Eggs in my life, I eat this atleast once a week lol

            Who am I tagging? 


            There you have it guys, feel free to do the tag too if you are a female blogger because we are all sisters in this business of blogging. Do have a blissful month all.

            Hope you enjoyed this post? Do we have any similarities? Do let me know by leaving a reply thanks.


            20 thoughts on “Sisterhood Of World Blogger

            1. Wish I could do this too. Started blogging in 2013 also. Wanna start a fashion and lifestyle blog on a few months. And one of my major concerns is a camera. But I have a pretty good phone camera so working on it. Great advice!!! Do follow on IG @yorubachic


            2. Hi Ifeoma. I’m new to blogging too, and thanks for the tips! I’m also a Photographer-In-Training, we could work something out.. “If you don’t mind” IG: @graysbibishotit 🙂


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