How I Tame My Eyebrows 101

I know you must have seen that video of a girl using shaving cream to clean up her eyebrows that went viral right? Yeah I saw it too and I loved it.

I watched the video on Makeupformelaningirls page on Instagram and I decided to try it out but I had a major problem which was with what shaving cream to use. In the video she used Nair facial cream and I really didn’t know where to get that or if it’s even available here in Nigeria so I decided to put my Veet shaving cream to the test and guess what? It worked!!!

 how to sharp brows with shaving cream 

 I used the Veet shaving cream for normal skin. With an angled brush I applied this in a large amount onto the areas I wanted to clean up, left it on for about 4 minutes and wiped it off with a damp wash cloth and my eyebrows looked so good. I highly recommend this method, it’s really easy to do and gets your eyebrows in flawless formation because you are concealing your brows the way you’d do after drawing them on, just that in this case you’re using shaving cream.

 easy way to sharpen your eyebrows  

So if you want to try this out too, you can use your normal shaving cream. Just be sure to do a test to see if you’d react to the shaving cream hours before and do not leave the shaving cream on for a very long time (anything over 5 mins is too long). If you have sensitive skin, you can buy Veet for sensitive skin to be on a safe side. 

You can watch the video on how to sharp up your eyebrows with shaving cream here. Thanks for visiting the blog and have an amazing weekend.
Do you have any eyebrow taming trick? Have you tried this method? What shaving cream did you use? Do let me know by leaving a comment below thanks.


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