A Single Shade Of Grey


Before I talk about this outfit can we take a minute to appreciate my shoe again? Yes again, I know you already did that once in this post but let’s just do it again because this shoe deserves it.

I’m not a huge fan of bodycon dresses because I have a dunk in my trunk, I’m really too shy to have people stare at my behind and I don’t have a flat tummy either (is there a way to get flat tummy without working out or dieting? Pls help me). Right now I know this is the part where you start wondering why I bought this one… Well the thing is I really like the colour grey, neutrals are a very essential piece to have a functional wardrobe and I’ve always wanted a grey dress. So when I found this one I got it just to put an end to my search.

 figure hugging dress 

To feel more comfortable in my bodycon dress, I paired it with this really pretty waterfall jacket I got for less than a dollar years ago (it’s like I’m not even growing) and that was when I realized they are both in the same shade of grey, talk about a match made in outfit heaven. 

 bodycon dresses, bodycon dress  
  fringe, fringe bag, laceup shoes 

I’m still really camera shy but we still pushing!! I wish you an amazing week ahead and thanks for stopping by today.
What’s your take on bodycon dresses? Do you prefer free flowing dresses like me or would you rather wear skin tight dresses? I’d really love to hear from you, do leave a comment below.


26 thoughts on “A Single Shade Of Grey

  1. Ayyy… You look great. I can totally relate to the bodycon issue. I couple of months ago I was on top of my fitfam game and stocked up on bodycon dresses but then I lost steam and added extra tummy and I hate wearing cinchers. Jackets are a really neat trick though
    Those shoes are everything btw!



  2. I have been indifference about the colour grey, but you’re making me feel like I need something grey right now..
    I love both bodycon and free flowing dresses, but bodycon dresses can be a pain In the ass sometimes especially when you’re not in good shape.

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  3. YAASS to more outfit posts!!

    I think it would be great if you referred to things in Naira rather than in Dollar. Especially because I’m sure you’re in Nigeria. We’re so used to “the abroad” bloggers (Not that they aren’t fab) showing us things that some of us don’t have the opportunity to get.

    Having a home grown fashion blogger that has tips on how to be fashionable (expensive or affordable) in NIGERIA would be so refreshing!

    Keep slaying babe! x


    • If you have read my other posts you would see that I always refer to my prices in Naira, I just wanted the wow factor of converting from dollar to naira and realizing how cheap it is.


    I love love the colour grey and it looks so good on you
    The dress suits you just right… I love body con dresses, it’s just stress to suck belle .-.
    And girrrrrl that bag 💞


  5. Love the colour grey! This is a lovely pairing and I always wear jackets over my bodycon dresses. Always.

    Cannot have you trading your destiny for a glimpse of my tiny booty.


  6. First of all,I’m a fan of this blog. Sha remember me when you blow ( not like you’ve not blown,but you get sha)
    I love body con dresses. I think we have the same body structure sef. However My comfort depends on the material. Light polyester body con makes me uncomfortable. A slightly thicker fabric makes the ‘suck bele’ a little less visible. And it still gives the ‘bodycon’ look.


  7. I admire bodycon dresses a lot on curvy females but I feel shy about wearing one be cos no big ‘bum bum’. Lol… so I feel more confident rocking a shift or pleated dress.
    IMO, I think it bangs on you and you shld buy more of the look, (Tho I don’t even see any big tummy) All you have to do is the traditional ‘suck belle’


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