Tales From The Thrift #April16

Thanks to my Uni making me stay home without my consent, I couldn’t really get much off the thrift this month but I still managed to snag some things up that I really love and I thought even tho little, they are still cool enough (in my eyes) to share with you. 

  First up is this really cute bikini I got from my mums friend that just moved back to Nigeria from the abroad (USA), she brought back a lot of things for sale and put them in a warehouse. Immediately I got inside the warehouse this bikini was the first thing that caught my eye and it was selling for just 500naira!!! I don’t have a bikini body or even know how to swim but I think every girl should a bikini especially to wear on days you’re feeling down to remind yourself that you’re hot and sexy and ain’t nothing going to weigh you down. (Ps : bae  is coming to town this summer) 

   I also got this really comfortable and cute nude flats from the warehouse sale too for 1,200naira. I’m not a flats person, it’s either heels or flip flops but this shoe just kept screaming my name till I paid for it. No regrets because I’ve been wanting a nude pair of shoes and this is me sticking to my one shoe every month plan.

   I’ve talked and talked about this lace up Isabel Toledo for Payless shoes and I’m not tired of talking about it. Is it how cheap it is or how super comfy and trendy it is? This is definately my thrift steal for the month, totally LOVE IT!! 

   I’m currently about to board a boat, about to go on a cruise and enjoy some sea breeze (shame on you heat wave) and I went to my friend Google.com to hook me up with ideas on what to wear as this is my first time and one reoccurring thing associated with the outfit ideas I got is the sailor stripes aka nautical stripes. So when I went grocery shopping and spotted this bag, I just had to buy it to add the sailor effect to my simple outfit (details later) and I got it for 800 Naira and best believe I’d be rocking it frequently, it’s super chic and big enough to fit my daily bag essentials. 

I also got a yellow jumper and another Jack Daniels shirt (this time white and black) just last night that I’d be styling soon on the blog, so stay tuned and I wish you an amazing new month in advance cheers!! May the odds be with you. 

What is/are your favorite buys this month? Did you thrift anything? I’d really love to hear from you, do leave a comment thanks. 


15 thoughts on “Tales From The Thrift #April16

  1. Nice post and nice finds. I am just stumbling in your blog but I must at how impressed and envious I am by your thrift shopping game. Wished I lived in Lagos but there is a flea market here at Oshogbo I recently found out. I’ll be using your post as inspiration. Well done!


  2. I can’t swim, but I like water. That bikini is super cute! The nautical striped purse is perfect.

    My Thrift this month was just 2 blouses that cost a total of N500 and couple of magazines.

    Is the warehouse still open? Can you share the deets?

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