Outfit || A Love Affair 

When I was much younger I really didn’t like the corduroy material, I’d never wear anything in that material because I thought it was for old people. But growing up I’ve come to realize that there are some clothes that are too beautiful to give up just because of the material lol. 

The minute I spotted this shirt I knew I had to own it and not even the material it’s in could change my mind. I’m a huge sucker for love and the love or heart shape detailing on the shirt made me fall deeply inlove with it some more and let’s not forget the beautiful burgundy colour of the shirt. 
 burgundy , love, heart details  

The shirt kinda screams grunge to me so I paired it with a denim skirt with a slit and my cute backpack to achieve a brighter and girly look. 
 black and white , peace sign   affordable backpack, black, black backpack 
I really hope your week is going on well and hasn’t been any stressful? If not just keep calm like I’m doing because TGIF is just two days away *insert dancing smiley here

What do you think about this shirt? Is there any fabric you stay away from? Which and why? I’m looking forward to your comments…


7 thoughts on “Outfit || A Love Affair 

  1. You’re doing a great job, Beau! I don’t have any issues with fabric but my problem is colours. I used to stay away from bright colours for a long time, 90% of my stuff were black. I just started going for green, yellow and red and I think I love them.

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