The 5 | Things I’m Looking Forward To

This month really started off on an amazing note and I’m really grateful to God and every one he has used to make me smile. I’ve always loved the month of May since I was in high school and this year I’m even liking it more. In today’s post I’m going to be sharing with you my dear the 5 things I’m anticipating that’s happening this month…

First I’m looking forward to the end of my exams, my head is buzzing with a lot of creative ideas but I’ve got to focus on my books for now because that’s top on my priority list. On this note be prepared for creativity overload I’d be bringing your way once I’m done with my exams at the end of this month.


You already know who my favourite musician in the whole wide world is yeah and guess what??? He is releasing and album sometime this year!!!! Yes there is going to be a Justin Timberlake album this year and I’m so hyped about it. Yes yes I know this isn’t happening this month but I heard this month so it’s still relevant. He has a new major trolling single out at the moment, you can watch and listen here.
 cant stop the feeling, justin timberlake, new album, new song  

My big sister’s wedding is sometime this month and I honestly CANNOT wait!!!! I’ve never been this excited about any wedding before because the woman getting married is one of the most amazing people life has ever brought my way. Congratulations in advance lovely sister. 

 asoebi, wedding, yoruba wedding, wedding style Ps : I need aso-ebi outfit ideas, it’s a Yoruba wedding and you know your girl gotta slay.

African market place is holding this coming Sunday and I’m looking forward to it real bad, not just because I can’t wait to see the beautiful made in Africa goods that would on sale but also because I made a new friend recently and I’m going to be meeting up with my friend there yipeeeeeeeeeeeee. 

The best girl in my life is coming home soon from the abroad *insert amazing shoki dance here*. I suck at keeping friends but she gets me totally and I mean totally but she had to go away to study and now she is coming home!!!!! If you’ve ever had a loved one far away you’d understand how I feel right now and the big sis I’m calling mine is actually her biological sister. 

If life doesn’t give you an older sibling, get good friends with one and flourish – SIA


There you have it, now I’m sure you can understand why I’m so hyped about this month and don’t worry I’d be sure to share details of the fun stuff I do okay? Do have an AMAZING new week.

Do you have a favorite month? What are you looking forward to this month? Do share with me I’d really love to know


7 thoughts on “The 5 | Things I’m Looking Forward To

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  2. My fav month is October because it starts with my birthday and it’s also my husbands (Drake) birth month…. lol

    I really want to attend the place pop up but my bank akant… 😥


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