Makeup Hacks 101


Till this very day I still get surprised at myself when I write makeup related posts because back in the days I never really cared about makeup, I used to be so nonchalant about it that I even swore in my early teenage years never to wear lipstick *guess who played herself? Me!!*

In today’s post Id be sharing with you how I experimented with makeup and different makeup techniques before I started stocking up on beauty products.

Highlighting : I think this is my favorite beauty trend right now because I’m totally all about the glow. I’m totally lusting after the Anastasia Beverly Hills glow kit but I can’t wait till I get that to shine so I used my gold eyeshadow from Wet’n’Wild or Ushas along with my my Black Opal ‘phat eye pencil’ in spellbound brown and you can sight my glow from a mile away no jokes. 


Contouring : When I’m doing my makeup in a rush, I just simply use the left over brow gel on my brow brush to contour. It’s super easy to blend and leaves a natural look too. 

nars, narsfoundation, loose powder

image via tumblr


Blending : Just before I got my first makeup brush set I used my fingertips to blend in every damn thing from my foundation to my under eye concealer to my eyeshadow. This works pretty well but I’m still glad I got the brushes, makeup application just got easier for me.                                                    Tip : on days when your brushes are out of reach and you have to use your fingers, be sure to use your ring finger because it gives less pressure especially when you’re blending your under eye concealer. 

blue lipstick, colourpop, tumblr

image via google images


Lipstick : I learnt how to use eyeshadows and gel liners as lipstick from makeup artists at fashion shows years ago and I’ve been hooked. When I want a bold lip colour I just go straight to my eyeshadow palette.                            Tip : applying a lip balm or little lip gloss first on your lips will aid easy build up of the eyeshadow/gel liner colour. 


Eye Glitter : I was once at a makeup studio where a makeup artist applied a little amount of lipgloss to the area where she wanted to cover in eye glitter. When I asked her why she did that she explained to me that some types of eye glitter tend to fall off unto the face after being applied but when you apply lipgloss first, it makes the glitter stay in place. I’ve not tried this personally but I sure would someday for the fun of it. 

I do these makeup hacks regularly and the products have no negative effects on the new areas that they are being used on as opposed to the areas they were made for initially. Life gets really interesting and fun when you start thinking outside of the box, do enjoy the rest of your week.

Have you tried any of these hacks? Do you have your own makeup hacks? Do share with me, I’d really love to hear from you.


13 thoughts on “Makeup Hacks 101

  1. I’m going to try the eyeshadow for lipstick (btw what are your fav brands?) have no idea what gel liners are really.


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