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Happy new week lovely, 

It’s just the beginning of the week and I’m already looking forward to the end because I finish exams on saturday *yaaaaaaaay* and I seriously can’t wait for my holiday to begin. Between there is some good news at the end of this post. (If you just scroll all the way down you won’t see the good news)

Today’s post is a quick outfit post featuring my favourite pants. I’ve had this pants for almost four years now and each time I pull it out it always feels brand new because I hardly ever wear them.  


I’m really not a pants person but I love this one because of the colour it’s in, the good quality of the material, the style of the pants and it was very affordable as I thrifted it as usual. I paired it a cropped polka dot shirt and my Mickey Mouse ears headband for a casual playful look that represents my personality. 
streetstyle, fashion, pink pants  cropped top, cropped shirt, new look, white and black, style blogger  
happiness, how to dress happy, polka dots  how to style coloured pants, lace up shoes 
What I wore
Trouser – Thrifted 

Shirt – Newlook (Thrifted) 

Headband – gift from mum

Shoes – Isabel Toledo (Thrifted) 

Backpack – Thrifted 

Now it’s good news time!!! Remember this post where I got a camera that doesn’t work? Well now I have a camera that works, a beautiful Nikon d3200.

 bloggers equipment, nikon, nikon d3200, nikon camera 

It might not be the Sony A5000 I wanted but blogging just got easier for me and better quality pictures for you and I to look at (yes, I read my blog too). Do have an amazing week. 
What other fun way would you wear this pants? What do you think of how I styled it? Your comments are highly anticipated…


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