Product Review : The Almost Perfect Foundation

To be honest this Classic Mattifying Foundation is pure perfection to me but ‘nothing is ever totally perfect’ they say, that’s why I refer to it as almost perfect and in this post I’d be telling you why I think it’s the best foundation ever. 



Packaging : It comes in a 30g glass bottle, the bottle has an inner glass case containing the liquid and an outer glass. So if you drop the bottle mistakenly there is a very high chance your foundation will still be intact (I actually dropped the bottle mistakenly while I was going to take flatlays and you can see it’s still intact). It also comes with a pump for control over the quantity you take out at a time to avoid wasting it thereby helping you save money as the foundation will last longer. 



Mattifying : This foundation has mattifying on the bottle and it is just what it is. I have very oily skin on my face, when I first applied it I was expecting a dewy look as usual but this time my makeup was looking very natural and as matte as I’ve always dreamed of… talk of a makeup dream come true.


Longevity : Since it gives a matte finishing which helps makeup stay in place, you already can tell that this foundation is a long wear foundation. Not only is it a long lasting foundation, it also stays matte for hours after application so you don’t have to worry about blotting your face if you’re oily like me.  


Affordability : This for me is the best part about this foundation, I think it is very very very affordable for such a very good quality of foundation. It costs just N1,800 (depending on where you shop from) and it also works as a concealer, so you’re getting both foundation and concealer at the cost of one which I think is an amazing bargain. 

I hope with these few points of mine I’ve been able to convince you that the Classic Mattifying Foundation is the perfect foundation that’s missing in your makeup bag. It says it’s suitable for all skin types on the bottle, so if you have dry skin you can try it out too. To shop for this foundation online click here. Do enjoy the rest of your week xoxo.
Have you tried this foundation? What other affordable foundation do your recommend for oily skin? Do leave a reply, thanks 


31 thoughts on “Product Review : The Almost Perfect Foundation

  1. Hello,i got this foundation sometimes last year and when i started using it,i actually loved it but over time it wasn’t being matte at all I had to stop using it and opt for black opal….plus my makeup artist friend thinks any classic foundation looks like clay and their lipstick isn’t as mattifying as it was when it first came out.


  2. Yeah its very very nice. Got all d shades coz of my job. If u set ur highlight with d loose. Powder, it bakes very very well!!!! Got mine for 1500.. Bt you can get it at trade fair for as low as 900naira


  3. I use the classic foundation that comes in a black tube (#1400). It’s gives an amazing coverage but my face gets oily after a few hours. So maybe I’ll give this one a try. Their Ruby woo dupe is the truth! And I see they now have a pro concealer just like that LA girl one, haven’t tried it yet but I plan to. Have you used any of their primers? Do you know if they are any good? Thanks for this review by the way.


    • I’m sooo getting the ruby woo dupe thanks for the insight. All other formulars aren’t as good as this one, I’ve not tried their primers or any other product yet. Thanks for stopping by


    • This formular is way better, they really up’ed their game this time. Wow really? I’m going to collect my balance lol. Thanks for stopping by Damola


  4. Your blog gives me life and I always look forward to your posts.I have this foundation too and it’s amazing.Would like to know what colour of the foundation you got.Thanks


  5. I love this foundation so much. Copped it 3 weeks ago and I have no regrets. Its honestly the best mid range foundation yet. Best part is it doesn’t break me out.
    Great review!


  6. The price is what caught my eye.. The review too is good.. I think I’ll buy it. Presently I’m using L’Oréal foundation, it’s quite good too


  7. Funny that I’ve always looked down on the whole classic make up range. Thanks a lot for this update, I’d def get it to try it out. Wld update you on how it works for me.
    For now I mix LA girl pro concealer+MAC foundation on the back of my hand before applying to manage my oily T-Zone.

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    • It’s really the norm with most people but this particular foundation formular is awesome and I like their matte lipsticks too. Thanks for the tip dear, I’d try this out.


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