How I Edit My Photos

I’ve been getting a lot of questions on how I edit my photos, I didn’t think I’d do a blogpost on it as there are a lot of ‘how I edit my photos’ post on the Internet but with the constant requests I’ve been getting I’d say I really didn’t have a choice but to do it as I’d like to help people out in my own little way and moreover there is always something new to learn from everyone so here we go…






PhotoEditor (free app) : I use this app solely for blurring out the background in my photos. I’ve had situations where I take bomb pictures with not so nice looking backgrounds so I had to painfully discard them but thanks to Photoeditor I no longer have that problem. 

Before Blurring

how to blur your photos

After blurring


PicsArt (free app) : I use this app solely for the purpose of adding a mask over my photo when I want to put a text on it to make the font stand out and easy to read. 

 picsart, best apps for editing blog photos 

 (free app) : I use this app in cropping my photos because it has no cropping limit and you can also add borders easily with this if that’s your thing. I also use it adding texts to my photos, my favorite font is the one between market deco and orange juice (can’t make out the name too tiny to read) because it’s similar to my handwriting. 

 how to add text to your photos, how to add fonts to your photos, instasize 

Vscocam (free app) : I think almost everyone uses Vscocam these days and it’s totally worth the hype. I use this app to adjust the brightness and contrast in my photos, I also use it to add or reduce grain effect on my photo. The filters in the Vscocam presets are amazing and very aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, my favorite filter right now is the SE3 filter that’s what I’ve been using in my lastest IG photos (follow me @thesvnflwr). This app comes in really handy when you’re trying to stick to a particular theme with your photos because you can save edits from one photo and paste it onto another photo. 

Before adding saved edit

vscocam, vsco, best of vsco, photo editing apps

After adding saved edit


FaceTune (purchased app): This app is the truth!! It was recommended by a fellow blogger, I got it and I don’t regret the struggle I went through trying to pay for it with my Naira MasterCard. I’m trying to stick to a whitewashed theme so I use this app to whiten the background in my photos and since I’ve been doing this I personally think my Instagram feed has become brighter and more welcoming. The smoothen effect is also one of my fav effects in this app, check photos below to see why lol. 


facetune app, appstore, best photo editing tools

Before whitening background


After whitening background


Before smoothening effect


After smoothening effect

The ultimate edit to a good looking photo is to take a picture that already looks good without any edit. Take the photo from different angles and different directions of light till you get the perfect looking one because overly editing a photo actually takes out the beauty of the photo. All these apps are available on the apple App Store, I hope you’ve learnt a thing or two? Do have a splendid weekend xoxo.
Do you use any of these apps? What are your favorite editing tools? Do leave a reply I’d love to learn from you too. 


48 thoughts on “How I Edit My Photos

  1. Hi ifeoma, thank you for sharing I want to suggest that you can vlur out backgrounds with Facetune too using the defocus feature instead of having a whole app to do just one thing

    Then again please can you give us the full details of your saved edits examples what number you set your contrast to or your exposure and saturation etc


    • Omg Jess! Thank you for this information. All I use facetune for is to whiten and sharpen never bothered with other options. On vsco I don’t add any thing other than A6 filter and sharpen it.


  2. Hey, it’s my first time on your blog… Really loved the post, I had the Picsart app once, but then I deleted it because I didn’t really find it useful at the time, right now I’m going to reinstall it asap thanks to you… Looking forward to more posts…


  3. How did you edit the second picture of the foundation and primer making it really clear? Which app exactly?

    This post is nice xx


  4. I was wondering if I was the only one with the vsco “illiteracy”…ill keep trying till I get a hang of it though..
    I’m going to download the other ones now…
    Thank you..This really helped..😊


  5. I loved this post!! So I literally only have a couple of editing apps that I use. I need to get better actually lol. I love VSCO, it really is great but I still need work tweaking with that app. I use Aviary, it’s pretty cool for quick edits. Pomelo is another one of my favorites. The filters remind me of Snapchat’s. Sometimes I use Afterlight but I’m still learning all of the benefits. I’m definitely going to be trying a couple of the ones you posted about. I LOVE the white washed look but can never find a good app lol. You’ll be seeing me playing with the new editing lol 😁😘😘 excellent post!!! 🙌🏽


  6. So am the only person here that is not a big fan of VSCO 😒, I deleted it a while back but I use picsart and I love it.
    Your photos are always perfect so I’ll Probably go and download VSCO again .
    Thanks for the tips

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I’m in love with your blog.. And your simplicity.. You make everything look so beautiful and easy. Thank you for this blog.


  8. I also use vsco to edit, it’s really good. I’ll try other edits. I’ve been recently crushing on your blog too.. I love reading each post ☺☺


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