3 Beauty Things I Suck At

Hi guys, how’s your week going? I’m guessing it going as great as I wish for you. My own week has be very busy so far with me doing absolutely nothing, well I’m on holiday and I’m totally allowed to be as lazy as I want *don’t me judge*

Yesterday after I watching a YouTube beauty tutorial I realized no matter how hard I try, there are some beauty things I suck at and in today’s post I’d be sharing those things with you. 

Winged Eyeliner

 I’ve poked my eyes, cried black tears, painted my whole face black and I still can’t get a hang of the perfect winged liner. Would you believe I’ve even prayed to God about this once? Yeah laugh at me all you want (I’m laughing at me too) 


False Lashes

Nothing completes a facebeat as much as false lashes does and it saddens my heart that my left eye seems to be allergic to any foreign object. I’d get my right eye looking all glam but with the left its always a total fail. One minute silence to all the falsies I’ve destroyed on this quest.

Washing my face : I won’t deny the fact I have a natural clear skin and all but it’s necessary I still take good care of it and I’ve heard that sleeping with makeup on damages the skin but I can’t stand cold water and I’m really too lazy to heat up water just to wash my face, so I just skip that step and dive into bed. I want to use this opportunity to thank facial wipes, they’ve been coming through for me lol. 

Oh and you guys that wash your makeup brushes, do you like set a reminder to do that because it never occurs to me. 

These are just a few things that I can think of but I’m sure there are a lot of more things I still get sweaty over. I’m sure so many of you can relate, I can’t wait to see what beauty struggles you have kindly share in the comment section lets empower each other!! Do enjoy the rest of your week xoxo.
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What tricks do you have to getting these beauty things done? Do you struggle with any of these things? Kindly leave a comment below…


33 thoughts on “3 Beauty Things I Suck At

  1. Have you ever thought it’d be easier if you just boiled your water in the evening or at night, when you get the chance to use the kitchen and put it in a flask till you’re ready to use it. Wipes don’t just do enough.


  2. lol!I don’t mean to sound vain but i have no beauty struggles.As for brushes they sit so openly in a vase like container so when they’re dirty I can’t stand looking at them,i just wash.


  3. Lashes are like the enemy.

    My natural lashes curl upwards. So as I try to stick ’em on. . . No. Wait, even before I can stick’ em on, my natural lashes have lifted the band and sampled the lash glue.

    It’s a hot mess.



  4. Hahaha after many years, my eyeliner now pops but that washing face thing, I’m not used to it yet. Like you said, thank God for wipes. I also suck at my nose contour, because I’m insecure about how it looks, I over my contour it and it looks unblended but I still look good though . I just need to learn to blend properly.


  5. If you’re using wipes and you want get your make up off completely, put some coconut oil on the wipes and wipe your face. Works like magic. Well except coconut oil breaks to you out. I use baby wipes by the way not the real makeup wipes,cos I was told the former don’t have any harsh artificial chemicals and is gentle on the skin.
    Lol. I also struggle with using false lashes, I have a ton of them just sleeping in drawer. Breaks my heart 😥

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    • Jinx!! I was totally looking at starting the coconut oil cleaning routine. Coconut and my skin are besties. Don’t worry we’d soon get a hang of lashes and slay too. Thanks for reading dearie.


  6. We all have our struggles mine is wearing lashes!! Hopefully i will master soon !
    develop a routine to wash every weekend or once every two weeks depending on how much u wear makeup
    Great job b!

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  7. Lol. I can relate. Here’s a liner hack: use masked tape (or cellotape) before applying your liner, tht way u can measure and also prevent it from smearing…. And it gives you a clean finish.


  8. I laughed at the part you asked about the washing of brushes.. I mean who remembers those things? I’m already getting used to washing off my makeup. Before I did, my face started to break out so I had too. I still struggle with getting my brows equal though

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  9. Hahaha!! My same struggles! Well except the lashes. I am just not into lashes.
    I also can’t stand cold water, one reason I don’t wash my makeup off. Sometimes I use wipes or wipe off with aloevera gel. And for the winged liner, I’ve kinda given up Lol

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