How To Find The Perfect Pair Of Jeans

It’s FRIYAY and my sister’s engagement party today!!! I’m so excited that’s why I’m up this early and I thought to write this post while I wait for it to be day break. 

When it comes to my denim jeans, I always thrift them as that is way cheaper and even of more quality than most of the ones available in the Nigerian market. In today’s post I’d be sharing with you how I always go home with the perfect pair of jeans. 

The Neck Test 

  I learnt this trick from my mum, I really don’t get the logic behind it but it works like magic (did I just rhyme???? Yall be on the look out for my mixtape lol). This is the act of wrapping the waist of the jeans around your neck, If the waist goes round your neck then the jeans is your perfect fit. If its bigger than your neck or smaller then that jeans won’t fit, although sometimes if I really like the jeans and the waist is bigger than my neck I still purchase it then have a tailor aka obioma fix the waist for me. 

Stretch It :

  I opt for jeans with stretch property most of the time as that gives me more guarantee after the neck test that the jeans will fit because there is a clear difference in my waist to hips proportion. 

The High Waist Test

  I live for high waisted jeans, I can’t deal with any jeans or trouser at all that doesn’t go above my belly button. To know if the jeans is going to be high waisted or not I just simply hold up the jeans together and make sure the front and back align together. If the back is longer with a short front then it’s not going to be high waisted. Another easy trick is to check the length of the zipper, if it’s a really long zip then you’re about to get yourself a bomb high waisted denim jeans. 

Try It On!! :

  Most stores have changing rooms but not when it comes to thrifting. So I advice that if you’re a thrift shopper like me, whenever you’re going bottoms (jeans, skirts, pants etc) shopping be sure to wear a loose fitting skirt or dress so that while the seller is busy talking too much trying to verbally convince you that it’s your size you already have it on and if it doesn’t fit you’re moving to the next one asap. 

Thanks to these tips, I’ve stopped crying when I want to wear my jeans, I still cry occasionally tho on the day I wear my jeans after washing them. 
Side note – Dear jeans, I didn’t wash you because I lost weight you know right? Lol.

 I wish you a great weekend and an amazing new week in advance xoxo. 

Image source : some are mine, some  are from Google images.


Was this post any helpful? Do you have any more tips on finding the perfect pair of jeans? Do let me know my leaving a comment below thanks.


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