The 5 | Lessons Learnt From The Personal Shopper

Longest time my dearest, oh how I missed you and I know you missed me too right? Well I’m back now and ready to share cool stuff with you as usual. 

While I was away I read quite a number of books and one of my favorite has to be ‘The Personal Shopper’ by Carmen Reid and in today’s post I’d be sharing with you the top 5 fashion lessons I learnt from the book. 

Lesson One

* Black doesn’t always match everything especially during holidays, in Anne Valentines voice (she is the personal shopper) ‘I don’t know what’s with women and thinking a black bag with matching shoes goes with everything, is it a school uniform hangover?’. From now on I plan to invest in other colors of shoes and bags, you should too. 

Lesson Two

* When you are going through challenges, it’s advisable you dress happy and not let your problems reflect on your outfits that way you tend to recover faster at least that’s how Anne Valentine helped the women going through a divorce pass through that stage gracefully and happy. 

Lesson Three

* Blame the clothes not your figure. Instead of saying ‘I look fat, tall, short, thin etc in this dress’ try saying ‘this dress isn’t in a flattering color or it isn’t the right fit etc’. This was one thing Anne’s mum practiced that Anne really admired and in my personal opinion I think complaining about the clothes instead will have you walking out of the store not feeling bad about your body. 

Lesson Four

* Expensive doesn’t always mean good fit, if you don’t find a flattering outfit in your favorite designer store do not hesitate to check highstreet fashion stores or the boutique in front of your street/close/estate, you don’t know what amazing stuff you might find and save some bucks as well. 

Lesson Five

* Lastly, new underwear is always a good idea!!! and the best part about this according to my lovely Anne is, in her own words ‘you can never be too broke for new underwear‘ and I totally agree with her. 

You can tell I love and totally enjoyed reading this book, I learnt a lot about fashion and life in general and I hope you’ve learnt a thing or two from the little I shared?  

             Till next time… xoxo

Which of the lessons is your favorite? I’m really looking forward to your replies, just scroll down to the comment box below. 


15 thoughts on “The 5 | Lessons Learnt From The Personal Shopper

  1. Aaaawwww I’d totally love to loan that book. Carmen Reid is just too good. You should check out her this book too “How Not To Shop”. I read it over and over again


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