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blue, pixie cut, pixie hairstyle
                     Hi dear, 

I don’t have a diy post for you this Friday ( I’ve noticed I put up diy posts on Fridays and I plan to keep up with that trend), so I decided to do a throwback post to the days when Lagos was hot and I was rocking the pixie cut hairstyle and one of my many baggy jeans *don’t judge me

mule, baggy jeans, boyfriend jeans, menswear
What I’m Wearing: 

Shirt – Next men’s shirt thrifted 

Jeans – Thrifted 

Belt – Thrifted 

Shoes – Ameliacouture 

Bag – Vintage camera purse thrifted 

Total outfit cost – Less than a thousand naira minus the shoes. 

*Photos were taken by Ijeworks. 

I’m glad those really hot days of my makeup melting just after application and barely wanting to keep my clothes on are over!! If you live in Lagos I’m sure you are too. I didn’t get an opportunity to wish a good week at the beginning of this week but I’m glad that won’t happen again and I can send plenty kisses to you now so you can have a splendid weekend.

          Till next time… cheers!!

I hope you liked this post? Which weather do you prefer, the hot dry days or the rainy days? Do scroll down to the comment box below, can’t wait to hear from you.


20 thoughts on “Outfit | Retro Blues

  1. honestly i love love your blog and lol you’ve made me realise how awesome thrifted items can look. Plus lol you inspire me (role model) lol.


  2. Ayye New theme on ze blog ! Whoop
    Loving the new layout girl
    And your shoes are the bomb.com
    I can’t believe you got all these goodies for less than a thousand naira 😳


  3. Hey love
    Totally in love with em baggy jeans….thinking of rocking them for the rest of the school year and finally going thrifting*yay!*…..i totes love your posts hun


  4. I absolutely love the camera purse and you really rocking that hair ,to think that as fabulous as this whole outfit is, it cost just less than one thousand …


  5. I’m glad the sunny season is over though. The only bright side was I get to wear amazing sunglasses 😂 lol but this rainy season has its bad oo, when someone just wants to take pictures outside it starts to rain😥 but it’s good for sleeping at night

    Beth fayemi’s blog


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