The Women That Inspired WhoWhatFab


                        Hey lovely, 

I hope my kisses weren’t in vain and they made your weekend awesome?  I’m very excited about this new week because I’m resuming school fully for the semester today, this had me conscious of the date and I realized it’s been 6months since I started whowhatfab, so I decided to dedicate today’s post to the bloggers that inspired me to come into the blogosphere. 

Meet Kachi (IG : kachi.e), blackfabulousity, stranger lagos
Kachi I would say was the first person to introduce me to blogging when she asked me on Twitter if she could link her blog to my Twitter account. I checked out her site and I fell in love. She has been able to accomplish a lot through writing, I totally loved her feature a bloggers calendar. Hopefully one day I’d be counted as worthy as Kachi to be in a bloggers calendar. 

stranger, bloggers calendar
Meet Sade (IG : inmysundaybest) 

After I got introduced to blogging, I went on Google to search for Nigerian fashion bloggers and I came across Sade’s blog. First thing that caught my eye was her blog name (I’m still mad I can’t think of such a dope name for my blog) and how graceful she appeared in all her photos, then her simple yet chic and classy sense of style which I’d like to think is totally similar to mine made me feel so at home that till date her blog url is stuck in my heart., natural hair blogger, shelovesdressesMore on

Meet UzyNwachukwu (IG : UzyNwachukwu) 
Uzy posted a photo of herself in grey braids (before it became very popular) and broke the Internet! Glad I stumbled on the photo as it led me to her blog. Her sense of style is youthful and very aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, she dresses up how I want to always be dressed comfortable yet so hot! Uzy’s wardrobe is wardrobe goals for me.

greyhair, grey wig, natural hair enthusiastoff shoulder top, off shoulder trend, nigerain fashion bloggersMore on

Meet Denike (IG : theadenike), thedenike
Denike and I follow each other on Twitter, I discovered she has a blog and trust I ran to check it out and I wasn’t disappointed. She is very daring when it comes to fashion and I would really love to study fashion in Milan like she did. I remember complaining about how Nigeria doesn’t favor fashion blogging and she replied telling me I can do whatever I want no matter where I am and that’s one of the reasons I have a fashion blog that’s 6months old now.

demuredenike.commilan, black bloggers, black fashion bloggers, peplum hem dressdenim dungarees, denim overallsMore on

As much as I appreciate these women, I also appreciate you even more for taking out time off your busy schedule to read my blog, without knowing some of you push me and motivate me to be better at this blogging thing and I’m totally grateful. 

Till next time… Have a blessed week. 

Images : Instagram.

Who or what has inspired you lately? Do share with me, I could learn a thing or two from you too, kindly scroll down to the comment box. 


12 thoughts on “The Women That Inspired WhoWhatFab

  1. I love this post! Great to always show appreciation to those who inspire us. I am so working on a similar post #inspired by you to show love to the people and circumstances that got me into fashion blogging.



  2. Uzypaws! I remember when her grey braids broke the internet too, that was the first time I actually got to know her name and of course ran to her blog. Her Instagram feed is so delightful, even yours too Ifeoma tbh…(show me the way😉)…There’s a whole new world of Nigeria fashion bloggers doing beautiful things out there…thanks for making us aware of a few of them.
    There are a handful of beauty bloggers out there, most of them are on YouTube 😥.

    Side note: Why is that I wasn’t able to leave a comment without opening a WordPress account? I almost turned back. What if other people are dealing with this hassle and are actually discouraged from leaving a comment…..Can it be fixed?

    Beautifully June


    • Thanks a lot dear. I think you have that issue because you’re probably signed into a WordPress or blogspot account. If you’re not signed in you can comment freely


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