Tales From The Thrift #June16

It’s the last post this month and yes I’m going to be showing off (yes I’m a little vain) a couple of fab things I thrifted during the course of the month. I wasn’t really able to get a lot of stuff as I was on holiday for most of the month and I was at home almost everyday single day of my holiday (I kinda have an addiction, it’s call sleepingalldayeverydayroundtheclock that’s why I’m always home lol). 

The not so splungy Splunge :

African Pride Conditioner and Leave-in conditioner, good leave-in conditioner, deep conditioner, natural hair products 2016

African Pride Conditioner and Leave-in conditioner

Marks and Spencer  Perfect Hands  /hand wash/butterfingers/hand scrub, how to get soft hands,  hand lotions

Marks and Spencer Perfect Hands /hand wash/butterfingers/hand scrub

Miss Rose nude lipstck/ Jacklein lipstick in honey, nude lipstick, nude lips, affordable lipstick, matte nude lipstick

Miss Rose nude lipstck/ Jacklein lipstick in honey

The Thrift : 

black satchel, black bag, stylish black bag


next, next bag, backpack, brown bag, brown backpack


Newlook, Newlook fashion, Newlook bag,  Newlook crossbag



Purchased at : Yaba Market 

I absolutely love these bags and I’m so glad I got to the stall when I did to snag these beauties. These bags are totally trendy and I didn’t have to break the bank to get them because in total they cost a little less than three thousand naira which I think is good bargain. 

Purchased at : Cele under bridge 

Would you believe if I tell you I got twelve pretty blouses for just a thousand naira? Well you have to believe me because I really did. Each blouse cost just a hundred naira and I got the two cami tops for free. This has to be my thrift steal this month, I left out the best ones for outfit posts, be on the look out for that. 

john smith, johnsmith fashion, how to style fur, fur, faux fur

John Smith

Purchased at : Street retailer 

This fur collar was a last minute purchase, I loved it as soon as my eyes spotted it because it’s white and looked very cozy plus it was ridiculously affordable. 

There you have it guys, a little peak into my wardrobe. I’m just a little sad I didn’t get any new pair of shoes but I sure will next month. Do enjoy the remaining days of the last half of the year. 

          Till next time… Cheers!

What have you thrifted lately that you love? I’d love to hear from you…


51 thoughts on “Tales From The Thrift #June16

  1. omg! i think your thrift diaries have to be best thing i have seen in a while. its inspiring. i’m so lazy at thrifting these (i used to be a pro) i think i will start once more. beautiful pieces


  2. I love your blog actually very helpful..is there a particular day you go to Yaba cause you seem to always get good stuffs


    • Thanks for visiting Sandra. Well Monday, Wednesday and Friday are the best days but I still go on Tuesdays and Thursdays, you just have to keep your eyes open.


  3. First of all I absolutely love you and I think you’re real.. Would also love to meet..you..but back to thrifting lol..please what time is advisable to go to cele underbridge..?


  4. So this is my first time of checking out your blog and I like it already. I like the simplicity and easiness behind this write up and the fact that beauty and shopping doesn’t have to be always expensive.


  5. “Big daddy”I want to be like you..it’s still Early July can I make a wish? I mean anything from your closet? 😭😭 your thrift shopping is “GOALS”.❤️❤️


  6. By the power vested on me I now crown 👑 you Thrift Queen of Lagos Fashion Bloggers. 👏 👍
    P.S: I’m coming for the tan bucket bag 😉


  7. No! Seriously! When can we go to Yaba together please? 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
    For you. Never done thrift shopping but would love to.


  8. I think we have so much in common because if you haven’t already noticed .. I like you and your blog x_x … I thrift in Calabar and Abuja a lot and I see a lot of amazing things for as slow as N50, I have never really thrifted in Lagos but would try this summer . I absolutely loved this post


    • Check google maps to know how to get there from where you are cause I might not be able to describe it to you since I don’t know your location.
      When you want to bargain in Yaba divide the price the seller tells you by 3/4 and then start haggling, that way you’d get a good bargain.


  9. I like how you mentioned the markets . Real nice . Oh plus I saw you one day at sabo, your edges were looking on fleek
    nice posts girl xx


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