Currently I Am… #4

                   Hey dear, 

It’s been 3 long months after the Currently I Am #3 and I totally missed writing this and I’m sure you missed reading it too right?  Alright then without wasting time lets dive straight into what I’ve been about in the last months…

So Currently I Am…

Wearing : Sweaters, cardigans, thick clothings basically due to the constant rainfall in Lagos. I totally love the cold weather because I get to experiment more with my wardrobe unlike when it’s hot and all I want to wear is a Cami top and jeans. 

Admiring : Mayowa Nicholas-Lawal. Asides from how natural she is at what she does which is modeling, she is walking the runway wearing your dream designer outfits lol. I love that she is young and breaking records and putting Nigeria on international levels.

Wishing : I had my own car. Like seriously I’m tired of taking the bus, it’s very exhausting and yeah I know I can take taxis but my frugal self thinks they are too pricey *dont judge me*.

Determined to : Attend more classes this new semester than I did last semester. I know that’s what most students always say but this time I’m determined, pray for me (in darey’s voice).

Craving : New shoes!!!! I didn’t get any new pair of shoe this month and I’m not happy about that but oh well you can’t always get what you want right? Anyway I’ve got my eyes on this particular pair of gafa sandals, it’s my birthday soon and this would make a perfect gift *winks*., gafasandals, grace alex, t2pitchy
Excited to : Be 21 years old, I finally won’t have to look out for age restriction signs anymore. To be honest I’m just really excited about it because I know a lot of people that didn’t make it this far and even some that have didnt get the opportunities I have at this age and I totally owe it all to God.

Feeling : Very motivated because it’s the next half of the year 2016 in a few days and I really plan to make the most of it. 
Anticipating : The Desireé Iyama shopping party holding on the 3rd of July 2016 at Shopmeidei, Lekki Lagos. Fellow fashion blogger Desireé is giving everyone and opportunity to be one of the first to own pieces from her first collection, so you should totally be there. 

Happy about : My new phone and it’s bomb camera!! I recently just got an iPhone 5s which is an upgrade from the iPhone 5 I had before (it got stolen, RIP to all the pictures I was hoarding). I love how beautiful and clear the pictures are, I barely need to edit my photos anymore. 

Appreciating : My family, friends and loved ones. Nothing beats having people that genuinely care about you and are willing to go out of their way to makes you happy. 

Irritated by : The increase in the price of bread!! Yes bread!!! I went to buy a loaf of bread last night and it cost me 400 naira. I’ve watched the price increase from 150 naira to 400 naira. Sighs what’s happening in this country? My favorite thing to eat is tea and bread so you can tell how pained I am right now. 

Inspired by : My mum. Now that I’m older, I see her daily struggles to be a good mum and her everyday sacrifices just to make sure her girls are happy and satisfied. She is indeed a great mother and I really hope someday my kids would call me great too. 

Planning to : Get a sewing machine for myself. I’ve always wanted one for a long time now, I hope my plan works out just as I’m planning it. 

Loving : The man bun hairstyle, which is totally unbelievable as I’m a sucker for guys on a low nice haircut with sharp edges but these days I smile when I see photos of guys with their hair in a bun and I love seeing Post Malone on my tv screen. 

man bun, hairstyle for men, stylish men
Regretting : Nothing! Absolutely nothing!!

Unsure about : What the next half of the year has in store for me but one thing I’m sure of that God had my back. 

Reading : ‘Bringing Down The House’  a now motion pictures book written by  Ben Mezrich and so far I’m loving it. If you’ve read it or seen the movie I’d really love to hear your thoughts (kindly leave a comment).

bringing down the house, ben mezrich, books turned movies, casino, gambling
Listening to : ‘With you remix’ a song by LK Kuddy ft WIZKID and Yungsix. If you follow me on snapchat (goldenbrowndodo) you must have noticed I’ve been playing the song a lot recently. It’s not a really great song TBH but I just love it especially the chorus. 

This month is going to be a great month because it’s my birthday month, so brace yourselves for the blessings God is going to shower on you. Do enjoy your weekend. 

What plans do you have for this month? I’d really love to hear from you, do leave a reply below thanks. 


2 thoughts on “Currently I Am… #4

  1. Well, I am currently going through your archives and reading almost everything and loving it!
    Bread is 400naira where you live? Biko, move out. I went to buy bread the other day and the ‘mallam’ said, ‘aunty na 350 now o’ and I was furious at the economy. I can just imagine what you felt. 🙂


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