Outfit | A 4th Of July Look

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Hold on please I can explain!!! 
I’m not an American citizen neither do I live in America but while I was tasking my brain to name this post all I could come up with was ‘a pop of red‘ which I felt was too random. Then I figured my outfit has strips, the colors blue, white and red which over the years I have learnt are very significant on this day every year to America as she celebrate her independence hence the post title. We good now? Great! 

white court shoes, red purse, red lipstick, ootd inspiration
What I’m wearing 

Shirt – Thrifted

Jeans – Thrifted 

Bag – Thrifted 

Shoes – Lagos Island

Total outfit cost minus the shoes – Less than 1,500 naira. 

fourth of july look, outfit inspiration for the 4th of july

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    flared denim, true blue, thrifted clothes, thriftstyle, whowhatfab

    denim, flared denim, pop of red

    Photos by : @Ladisays IG/Twitter

    I really love the flare jeans aka bootcut jeans but because I have short legs I decided to settle for a subtle flared one and I’d never wear this particular pair of jeans without pointy toe shoes (you know what they say about pointy toes and elongating your legs yeah?). I’m hoping someday when I want an American visa I’d show them this post and they’d see I’ve always been a fan and grant me the visa hahahaha!!! Do have a blessed week, you’re highly favored. 

                  Kisses xoxo.

    Do you like the flared bottom jeans? How do you style your flared bottom jeans? What do you think of my outfit? Do share your thoughts with me by leaving a reply. 


    23 thoughts on “Outfit | A 4th Of July Look

      • Thanks a lot dear. There are actually more pictures but considering the fact intact isn’t cheap and I don’t want the post to take time to load that’s why I picked these ones.


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