DIY : Fur Flat Shoe

Thank God it’s Friday!!! I’m not exactly happy it’s the weekend, I’m happy it’s not a public holiday today and I finally get to leave my house even tho it’s just to school anyway. I didn’t like the 3days holiday, it was way too long and I’m glad Friday is here to cut it (please sing the last sentence lol) 

In today’s post, I’m sharing a quick diy with you. I’ve had my eyes on fur flats for a while now, I was clearing out my wardrobe recently when I found an old flat shoe I bought on impulse and I decided to upgrade it. So here’s the details on how to go about about it incase you want to try it too…

Things needed 

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– A pair of black pointed flat shoes

– Fur (I got the fur I used here along side this one ).

– Uhu glue

– Scissors 

What to do

– Clean your shoe thoroughly, clean surfaces enhance gluing. 

– Measure the amount of fur needed to go round the area of your shoe you want covered as desired.

– Put some glue in moderate quantity unto the area of your shoe you’d be covering with your fur. 

– Leave this to dry for about 1-2mins (tbh I just blew air from my mouth to the areas with the glue lol), then put your fur on it. 

– Hold it down for 1-2mins also for the fur to stay in place. 

– And that’s all you need to do for your fur flats to be ready to hit the road. 

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I’m going fur crazy right now and I’m totally glad fur is becoming accepted in Nigeria fashion wise so my very shy self can walk around in my fur flats without having to deal with unnecessary glances from people. Do have an amazing weekend… Cheers. 

What do you think of my new shoes? Would you try this out? I’d really love to read your thoughts, do leave a reply thanks.


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