Outfit | My Coat Of Many Colors 

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I know right!!! This looks like the popular print from the designer Mae Otiti’s collection but oh well it isn’t. I was coming back from school one afternoon and I spotted this blazer where it was hung and I just had to get it. The retailer said it was selling for 2,500naira but I ended up paying just 500naira for this designer look alike blazer (yes my bargaining skills ain’t of this world).
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What I’m wearing :

Blazer – Thrifted 

Pants – Mums wardrobe 

Wrist watch – Street retailer

Shoes – River island 

Total outfit cost minus the shoe – 500naira. 

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photos by : Ladisays (IG/Twitter)

affordable wristwatch, wide legged pants, studded shoe

I made sure every other thing I have on asides the blazer was black, so I don’t have too much going on in one outfit and also to make the blazer stand out. This blazer made me understand how happy Joseph must have felt when his dad made him his own coat of many colors, I absolutely love being in this blazer and I wish you a week filled with so much color like my blazer. 

              Till next time…

Do you own any piece of clothing with lots of bright colours? How do you like to style it? I’d really love to know your thoughts on how I styled this blazer, do leave a reply thanks.


24 thoughts on “Outfit | My Coat Of Many Colors 

  1. Awwwwwwwww…….I never knew I could actually stalk a blog in my life but look at where I am now *smiles*……to say u slay all the time would be a poor description of what you do…….
    P.s……I don’t even want to know,we are going thrifting very soon….and God bless you for your work.


  2. Heyyyy Ifeoma ooo (hands on my head) kuku kill us nau. See me thinking you did a collab with said designer. Go girl keep inspiring ☺ ☺ ☺


  3. Love the blazer & your hair but ahan from 2,500 to 500 you need to teach me your bargaining skills + you styled the blazer really well would have worn all black as well so it won’t look like my clothes are “shouting” lol & to bring out the beauty of the blazer.


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