A SkinCare Must Have : Facial Peel Off Mask

Brethren I have a testimony!!! I’ve been sleeping on the facial peel off masks for the longest time ever but now I’m glad the lord has opened my eyes to see the magic that’s the facial peel off masks and now I’m WOKE! Very WOKE!!

skincare tips, how to care for your skin, glowing skin tipsThe facial peel off mask I use the FACE TO FACE peel off facial mask. I first tried it when my sister’s friend came to my house for a sleep over and brought hers along and since then I’ve been hooked. 

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I love the peel off facial masks because this particular one is really affordable (between 600 – 800naira), it’s so much fun applying the sticky substance to your face and peeling it off like the days when we were younger and put glue on our palms so we can peel it off… You remember yeah? 

facetoface peel off facial mask, good skincare products, tips to having a great skin, face masks
The best part of this particular mask amongst the other great benefits is that you get instant results after peeling off the mask, yes!!! the very instant you take out the mask you immediately notice a difference in the look and feel of your skin due to the high amounts of vitamins A & E contained in it. 

I really hope that from my testimony you’ve taken the cue to get yourself a facial peel off masks if you don’t already own one. If you get this be sure to use this on your neck to avoid uneven skin appearance between your face and neck. Least I forget to ask, I hope you’re having an awesome week? 

              Till next time…

Do you already own a peel off mask? What brand is yours? What are your peel off mask experiences? Do share with me by leaving a reply, I’d really love to hear from you.


17 thoughts on “A SkinCare Must Have : Facial Peel Off Mask

  1. I don’t own one but I’ve been seeing a lot of reviews on it. Read one on the browniegram’s blog some while back seems like I should give it a try. Any idea where I can get this particular one on the island?


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