Outfit | A Birthday Look

how to wear all whiteWhoop whoop it’s my birthday!!! I’m finally 21 years old and I’m really hyped about it for so many reasons and top on my reasons list is the fact I no longer have to look out for age restrictions lol. I’m really glad and thankful to God for keeping me alive to see this new age and I hope to do exploits by his grace. 

asos white cape top, cape top, how to style a cape top
What I’m wearing : 

Top : Asos (Thrifted) 

Pants : Thrifted 

Shoe : Lagos Island 

Purse : Mum’s wardrobe 

Total outfit cost minus the shoe : Less than a thousand naira.

white pants, whowhatfab.com

I decided to go for an all white look because I personally think an all white outfit is the bomb.com and I wanted to step into my new age looking all angelic and pure lol. Cheers to my big 21st, you all are totally allowed to drink to that. 
    Till next time my darlings…

Thanks for stopping by today, I really appreciate you. Which do you prefer? An all white look or an all black look? Do leave a reply thanks.


32 thoughts on “Outfit | A Birthday Look

  1. Did you say this entire bomb outfit was less than N1K or did I not read right? I need to hire your thrifting services babe! By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY and welcome to adulthood! My your new year bring you more grace and happiness.


  2. Happy birthday dear ify. I wish you many more years in happiness. Your outfit bangs!! White is my fav color so I’m lovestruck now!! Enjoy the day hun.


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