Event Report : The NFBYARDSALE 2016

Warning : This is an interesting but lengthy post! Read at your own risk! 

It’s been a week since the last post and I’m guessing you missed me right? Well I’m about to makeup for that with the hot gist I’m about to drop like its hot (it’s actually hot) so brace yourself. 

Yesterday was a really fun and interesting day for me and lots of other Nigerian bloggers as it was Nigerian fashion bloggers yardsale day, where bloggers came together to sell and buy amazing pieces from each others beautiful wardrobe. The event took place at the Ethnic heritage center in Ikoyi Lagos, which was really aesthetically pleasing but I thought was too small as the turn out was massive!! I took loads of pictures to tell you how my day went so here we go… 

bloggers yardsale, nfbyardsale

off shoulder white top, ripped denim jeans, leather slides, black satchelWhat I Wore

Top – Thrifted 

Jeans – Snatched from a male friends wardrobe 

Slippers – Yaba market 

Bag – Thrifted 

Wristwatch – Casio (birthday gift)

Total outfit cost minus jeans and wristwatch – less than 2,000naira.

The Venue

sunglasses, sunshades , stylish sunglasses, fashion glasses

The Shopping Experience 

grey braids, grey faux locsflared pants, how to style flared denim jeans, tshirt and jeans

Ugonna Omeruo

Some bloggers

The Black Rose (Ofure)

DesireeIyama and MideCoker



Henry Uduku

The Auction

There was a auction on amazing items from the wardrobes of fashion Nigerian celebrities like Temi doll face etc and an amazing clan dress (that I’m still so sad I couldn’t buy) to raise funds for the Iroto catering school in Ogun state Nigeria. The auction was hosted by my role model Elma Godwin, I was soooooo happy to see her in person (thank you Nfbyardsale) and she actually called me BFF which totally was the highlight of my day (after how people recognized me and came to tell me how much they loved my blog tho)

Myself and Elma Godwin

Beautiful Clan Dairies dress

Mrs Adesuwa Onyenokwu, Elma Godwin, Cassie Daves

I got a really pretty bag off the auction originally owned by Desola Mako and guess who bought it for me? It was bought for me by the wonderful woman behind the name Adesuwa Onyenokwu, the brain behind TW magazine. I love love love it!! 

The event finally came to an end with a lot of people cashing out, others with bags of goodies and everyone was happy. 

After the event, my blogger bestie Desireé Iyama and I went to the opening of the Moashystyling studio in Lekki Lagos. The studio is really pretty, I loved the wall painting outside and the gorgeous fur jacket I spotted inside and guess who was also inside? The ever fabulous Omotola Jalade-Ekehinde. I was too shy I couldn’t get proper selfies of the both of us sadly. 

It was a very great day for me, one I’d remember for a long long time and meeting and those amazing bloggers was a WONDERFUL experience that I really can’t wait for the next one. Do have a lovely and fun filled week. 

           Till next time…

How did your weekend go? I’d love to hear from you, do leave me a reply thanks.


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